Parable of the King Who Lost His Finger

I once read a thought-provoking short story online: A king had a very smart minister, who would always say that whatever happens, happens for the good. It displeased the king a lot. Once, the king accidentally cut his finger in a hunting and then asked the minister about the incident. The minister replied as usual, “All happens for good.” Then he was thrown to jail by the king on a charge of stepping on the king when he was down. Even then he still said everything happened for the good. Outraged by the response, the king decided not to release him. Two days later, the king left for another hunting. Unfortunately, he fell into a trap and was captured by a cannibal tribe. When the savages intended to roast the king on the grill, the wizard found that the king lost a finger, and considered the king a jinx. Thus, the chieftain had no choice but to set the king free. When the king went back, he related his experience to the minister and regretted putting the minister into jail. But, once again, the minister said it happened for good: if he had not been in jail, the king would surely go to hunt in the company of him. Then, if they had been both caught by the cannibal tribe, the king would have survived for the lack of a finger, but the minister would have been dead. See for now, wasn’t it that the bad thing turned out to be good?

Parable of the King Who Lost His Finger

After reading this story, many people will speak well of the minister for his wisdom and generosity, but in real life, do we often play the role of the king who lost his finger? Those which appear favorable to ourselves are always regarded as good things, while the setbacks and reverses are treated as bad things, which bring about our concerns and sufferings and even make us complain about God’s arrangements. Actually, though God’s work doesn’t accord with our notions at times, His good intentions lie therein, which we can’t understand unless the result is revealed.

God admonishes us, “In the Bible are the words “Rejoice ever more. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks” (1Ts 5:16-18). … Praying without ceasing—this is a source of, and path to, rejoicing ever more, and in this you will be able to give thanks in every thing. When you have joy and know thankfulness, when you know that all God does is good, and know how much grace you have gained from God, and how many blessings you have gained from Him, then you will know to be thankful to God. Only when you have a heart such as this, and knowledge such as this, will you be able to truly obey God, have love for God in your heart, be satisfied, and know to obey all of the environments arranged by God.”

God hopes that when the unpleasant things happen to us, we will not jump to a conclusion or parrot others’ view blindly, but quiet ourselves before God to seek God’s will and submit to His orchestrations and arrangements. Job said in the trial, “The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD” (Job 1:21). It is because of Job’s faith and obedience that God heaped the blessings on him: beautiful children and more cattle, sheep, and family property. More importantly, Job always had God with him and enjoyed peace and joy in his heart and soul. Therefore, if we can seek God’s will more in those unpleasant things and believe that nothing could be better than God’s heart, then we can be unperturbed to submit to God’s orchestration and planning, and will see that all God does is His love and salvation to us. At that time, we will also offer up thanks and praise to God from our hearts.

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