No More Disappointed With Ordinary Life

By Yang Yang

The climate of the highland region is capricious, where there was a plant named “Forget-worry Herb” (the Chinese name for daylily or Hemerocallis fulv, also called Xuan-cao) growing tenaciously in the rock crevice. Year after year and day after day, it struggled against the uncertain climate.

No More Disappointed With Ordinary Life

Every time the forget-worry herb saw the giant trees waving their branches in the breeze, and various lovely flowers blossoming in the sun and giving forth a delicate fragrance, it would look at itself and think: I’m so small, not strong like the tree or fragrant like the flower, just living alone in the crevice. Then it would feel much depressed and grieved: How I wish I could get out of the stifling crack and walk out of the mountain, and grow on a fertile and vast plain to realize my self-worth! However, I am just a weed. How can I escape my miserable fate? The forget-worry herb often complained to God, “Why is my name ‘forget-worry herb’? Why did You give me such a name? Why didn’t You name me peony? Peony is a good name, which means wealth and being loved by everybody. Yet You just named me ‘Forget-worry Herb’. Worse still, I’m stuck in the crevice of an unknown mountain. Could it be that I’m destined to stay here forever? Oh, what a grief! Forget-worry herb should forget worry or grief according to the meaning of my name (forget-worry herb also called daylily, Xuan-cao, Chinese word ‘Xuan’ means forgetting worry, ‘Cao’ means herb), but why couldn’t I get rid of my grief?”

The forget-worry herb often looked at the blue sky, seeing various birds extending their wings in flight and giving pleasant chatters. It sighed with grief, and the bird comforted it, “Everything God created is good; we all have our own value of existence. Don’t be grieved all day long. Just submit to God’s orchestrations and arrangements.”

At night, the forget-worry herb stared blankly at the twinkling stars in the sky, which seemed to be smiling. It then asked itself, “Why can’t I forget my grief and smile with enjoyment?” It complained to the star, and the star said, “Regardless of whatever role God destined us to play, or whatever duty He destined us to perform, all of this contains His good will. You should look at your merits and view yourself correctly.” However, the forget-worry herb was still not happy.

One day, there came a cluster of tourists. They strolled about, took photos, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of mountains. One of the tourists noticed the forget-worry herb, and strode toward it. He touched it and said, “Wow, it’s amazing! Look at this plant! Though it’s so tiny, it still lives tenaciously in this harsh environment. You know what, its blades can help us forget our grief, and its root can also be used as medicine. The vitality God bestowed upon it is so remarkable.” Other tourists all came closer to look at this inconspicuous weed and were full of praise for it.

At this moment, hearing the praise from tourists, the forget-worry herb finally came to understand the essence of its life and the value and significance of its existence, and hung its head in shame.No More Disappointed With Ordinary Life From then on, it no longer placed extravagant hopes on becoming a giant tree, no longer envied at the fragrant flowers, and no longer wished to have a beautiful smile like stars; it forgot its worries and lived happily and tenaciously in the rock crevice.

After reading this story, it occurred to me that every one of us, no matter how small he or she is, has value and significance, which, be great or small, is good in God’s eyes, so we shouldn’t ignore our value or belittle ourselves.

It is recorded in the Bible that whenever God created one thing, He always said: “God saw that it was good.” Every single thing God created lives under God’s predestination and sovereignty, plays its own role to serve for mankind’s living, and shows forth God’s wonderful deeds through its own unique way. Just as God says: “God created everything, and everything lives in God’s hands. In God’s eyes, all things are moving and living. God created all things, and the existence of each one of them has value and meaning. That is, they all have a necessity behind their existence” (“God Himself, the Unique VIII”).

All things show forth the Creator’s wonderful deeds and carry out their own obligations; if something had no value or significance, God would destroy it. It is because of God’s predestination and sovereignty that we can survive in the world, play our own roles, and fulfill our responsibilities. Regardless of whether we are an eminent person in high position or an insignificant and ordinary person in the society, we have our own value and are an indispensable member of the world. Likewise, regardless of whether we are a pastor, elder, or an ordinary believer in the church, there is no difference in rank or position in the sight of God; we all perform our duties and carry out our obligations under the Creator’s predestination and sovereignty. Therefore, we shouldn’t be pessimistic or disappointed about our unremarkable life, nor envy at other’s high position and reputation. It’s enough to do our duty in our own role and realize our value of existence within the ordination of God. As God says: “To God, no matter whether a person is great or insignificant, as long as they can listen to Him, obey His instructions and what He entrusts, and can cooperate with His work, His will, and His plan, so that His will and His plan can be accomplished smoothly, then that conduct is worthy of His commemoration and worthy of receiving His blessing. God treasures such people, and He cherishes their actions and their love and affection for Him. This is God’s attitude” (“God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself I”).

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Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.
Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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