I Acted This Way After Being Misunderstood and Unexpectedly Won the Boss’s Trust

By Yiheng, United States

In our lives, we are often wronged due to something. Confronted with being wronged, we always have difficulty defending ourselves; we can neither explain it clearly nor make sense. And if some people give out pointers to us, we will be more miserable and sad. Lan Hui has just encountered such a thing, let’s look at how she faced it.

a person is on the phone

Lan Hui is a chambermaid in a hotel. After finishing a day’s work, Lan Hui felt a little tired. With sleepiness, she naturally yawned and was going to go to bed. Suddenly, a ringing of the phone broke the still of the night. As Lan Hui picked up her phone, she saw the number of the caller, thinking: At this late hour the boss is calling me, is there anything important? Usually the boss doesn’t phone me; not to mention that it’s too late now. She felt somewhat nervous, frowning slightly. After she answered the phone, her boss said hello to her briefly, and then directly questioned her with anger, “The guest in room 205 has lost a bag of clothes, which are new underclothing, shorts, and shirts. Have you seen or taken them?” Though they were talking on the phone, Lan Hui still felt the aggressiveness tone of  her boss. Facing her boss’ sudden accusation, Lan Hui said tensely, “I don’t take them, and I don’t even see them.” But the boss seemed not to hear her and went on saying sharply, “Today only you did the guest’s room. If you took them, you’d better take them out and I’ll pass this matter by.”

Hearing these, Lan Hui felt a serious accusation had been made against her. At that moment, she was heartbroken as if someone had struck her a heavy blow at the heart. She thought: “What the boss said obviously means that I have taken them. Anyway, I count as an old-timer in the hotel. Does the boss still not know me after I have worked here for a long time? Is she blind to my usual behavior?” Thinking of this, Lan Hui felt indignant somewhat and then raised her voice, saying anxiously: “It’s a fact that I dusted that room today, but I don’t know when the guest lost her clothes, and a couple of days ago it was other chambermaids dusting that room. If you don’t believe me, you can check the surveillance videos.” However, the boss didn’t listen to her explanation, and said seriously, “The guest has already called the police now. It directly involves the reputation of our hotel. You just await the police to investigate tomorrow.”

After hanging up the phone, Lan Hui called up her colleague quickly and asked what had happened. Her colleague told her that she also wanted the boss to check the surveillance videos, but that the boss said the monitors didn’t even work. … Lan Hui felt so disappointed: It’s really difficult to explain this matter clearly.

In the face of this sudden matter, Lan Hui was at a loss and didn’t know what would happen tomorrow. She thought: Today only I cleaned the guest’s room, and it is the truth that the guest lost her clothes. In everyone’s eyes, there is no doubt that this matter has a direct relationship with me. Lan Hui very much wanted to explain to her boss again that she didn’t take the guest’s clothes, but words of mouth are no guarantee, who could believe her? At that time, Lan Hui sighed a deep sigh, and her face was filled with worry. She turned this thing over in her mind: “It is true that there’s nothing I can do to clear my name this time. In addition, what the guest lost are underclothes; if this matter spreads so that all the colleagues know, then how would they think of me? And how would they look at me? Would they say I even can’t afford the underclothes? How could I have the face to stay in the hotel later? Besides, the United States pays much attention to the human rights and values man’s reputation. If I can’t prove my innocence, then my name will be on the police’s blacklist, and in the future, wherever I go, I will be charged as a thief and never lift up my head. … The more Lan Hui thought over the matter, the more she felt miserable and wronged. It was really as if the dumb man eats the bitter herb, who has to suffer in silence. She quite regretted cleaning that room and also regretted going to work on that day …

During the whole night, Lan Hui tossed and turned restlessly, unable to sleep. She couldn’t banish her worry and pain in her heart. In that state of helplessness, Lan Hui came to God and prayed: “God, I don’t know why this matter happened to me, and I don’t know what lessons I should learn. Oh, God! I am very miserable and also very worried. But I know nothing is impossible for You, and I also believe You observe everything. May You give me faith and strength so that I can obey within this environment that You created for me. …” After prayer, Lan Hui thought of God’s word: “Of everything that occurs in the universe, there is nothing that I do not have the final say in. What exists that is not in My hands?” It is true! All things in the whole universe are in the hand of God and decided by God. Everything that happens every day, whether good or bad, is dominated and arranged by God’s hands. She should not live in fear. Although she didn’t understand God’s intention at that point, she knew she should not complain but should submit first, and then seek and wait for God’s intention to reveal. At that time, Lan Hui was willing to rely on God and experience this matter. She felt less worried and then fell asleep.

A bed

Soon after she had a short sleep, it was sunrise, the sunlight shone into the room through the curtain, and the birds were chirping outside the window. Lan Hui’s friend called her up, and when Lan Hui told the whole story to her friend, she thought her friend should comfort her, but unexpectedly, her friend also asked her suspiciously: “The police have come. Tell me the truth, did you steal the guest’s underclothes or not?” Facing her friend’s question, Lan Hui’s eyes were filled with tears and her heart stung as if being pricked deeply by a sharp sword. She felt her pride was cut to the quick.

Lan Hui steeled herself to go to the hotel. On the way she thought a lot about: the suspicion of her friends and colleagues and the inquiry of the police. These made her both sad and scared. She could only pray to God and hoped that He may quiet her heart and help her to confront these. At that time, she thought of the Lord’s word: “But let your communication be, Yes, yes; No, no: for whatever is more than these comes of evil” (Mat 5:37).

From these words, Lan Hui understood: She is a Christian, and she should live before God in all things. God inspects people’s hearts and He knows she doesn’t steal the guest’s clothes. She should not feel miserable for being wronged by others, because how God views her is the most important. But she focused on her image and status in others’ hearts too much, worrying that after this matter, her boss and colleagues will misunderstand that she doesn’t have clean hands, and worrying that she will be on the blacklist and become a person without trust. So when she encountered this matter, she felt quite miserable and fearful. Then, Lan Hui had a way to practice in her heart. On this matter, she only needed to tell the facts. If her colleagues and boss didn’t believe her, she would not need to explain more, in that accepting God’s observation is the most important. God’s word was like a beacon to point out her direction, making her feel less worry and fear, and allowing her to gain comfort and become quiet. Lan Hui had courage, and stepped up her pace to walk to the hotel.

When walking into the hall of the hotel, Lan Hui saw the hotel looked as peaceful as usual. She looked around, there were no police and the boss didn’t come either; her colleagues greeted her as usual and no one mentioned this matter to her in particular; no one laughed at her and all was calm, just like nothing happened. To Lan Hui’s most surprise, a colleague who worked there for a long time told her that it was a misunderstanding that the guest lost clothes. Due to the guest’s carelessness, she forgot to take her clothes after shopping. … Just at this moment, Lan hui’s eyes moistened and she felt very emotional. She thanked God from her heart for arranging such an environment for her and giving her an opportunity to put down her face and practice the Lord’s word. She truly experienced that all things are orchestrated and arranged by God’s hand and that God’s deeds are so wonderful. When coming off the night shift, Lan Hui saw a piece of paper on the reception desk, which said that the guest in room 205 carried nothing apart from a leather suitcase when checking in. She was very excited and couldn’t express her gratitude toward God with words.

Through that matter, the boss had a better opinion of Lan Hui. One day soon after, a new colleague came to the hotel. Unexpectedly, she was Lan Hui’s former colleague. When Lan Hui greeted her, the boss was just beside her. The boss said happily, “You two come and shake hands. It’s great! Lan Hui is a terrific worker in our hotel.” Then the boss asked the new colleague, “You must be terrific too, right?” Hearing what her boss said, Lan Hui thanked God sincerely.

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