Unexpected Gain From Two Marriages

By Zhao Na

Life is a big stage, and everyone plays his respective role on it. But no one knows who the general stage director is, because most people never try to seek the answer to it, and even though someone have thought of this question, he still has difficulty finding the answer. Luckily, after experiencing the ups and downs of life, some people have unexpectedly gotten the answer unknown to man, and Li Jun who is now in his forties is one of them.

Life Is But a Play, and Who Is the Director?

Li Jun lived in the countryside since he was a child. His father, who had a bad temper, often drank to excess and decided everything at home, be it big or small. When Li Jun was 18, his father arranged his marriage. His partner in marriage, who lived in the same village as him, had an ugly face and was four years older than he. Not only did Li Jun himself disagree with the marriage, but the rest of his family, as well as the relatives and neighbors, also disapproved of it. For this, the relatives, friends, and neighbors of his family all came to persuade his father. Yet, his father said to them: “Li Jun has neither education nor any skills; it should be good enough that someone is willing to marry him. If you dare to assure me that you can find him a wife, then I will not care it.” When they heard this word, no one dared to oppose him.

Soon, Li Jun got married hastily under his father’s arrangement. After getting married, he lost his former joy. He often looked at the sky and asked sadly: “Oh, Heavens! Am I to spend the rest of my life in such misery?” He did not find the answer. Later, he had no choice but to accept his fate. He thought that his fate was bestowed upon him by the Old Man in the Sky, so it was best for him to live his life peacefully. When he complied with God’s will and prepared to live peacefully, something unexpected happened to him …
The next year after his marriage, Li Jun needed to apply for a birth certificate for his newborn child. However, as he was not old enough to have a child according to relevant rules and regulations, he was mulcted three thousand yuan. At that time in the countryside, three thousand yuan was quite an item. His wife took it so hard that she actually committed suicide by taking poison because she was unable to sustain this kind of mental pressure and could not let go of the money. After that happened, Li Jun was dealt great blows and was in low spirits all day. His two elder sisters could not bear to see him suffer such torment, so they discussed with their father about allowing him to go to other places. This time, though his father did not hope so, he no longer stubbornly insisted on his own opinion as he behaved before. Later, Li Jun left his hometown for the present place of abode with his elder sisters’ help. Subsequently, he established a new family with the one he liked, and he lived very happily, which was what he had never dreamed of.

Even more unexpected was that, later, both his wife and he accepted the salvation of God in the last days. He saw God’s words say: “The life of man is entirely in God’s hands. Where a person can go and where he cannot go, what duty he may perform, where he lives every day, where he will live during what years, what else he will go do and for how many years, and at what points he will change life direction—all these things have been appointed by God in advance” (“A Person Can Live Life With Dignity Only by Submitting to and Revering God”). “God sets up this kind of environment for people at the same time as choosing them, and it is greatly beneficial to His work in saving people. From the outside, it looks like God has done nothing earthshaking for man; He just does everything secretly, humbly and in silence. But in fact, all that God does is done to lay a foundation for your salvation, to prepare the road ahead.… God has already prepared for you all the necessary conditions so that, unknowingly, you come before Him and are returned to God’s family. You also unknowingly follow God and enter into His step-by-step work, entering into God’s way of work that He has, step by step, prepared for you” (“God Himself, the Unique VI”). After he read these words, his heart became bright and clear: It turns out that the misfortunes I experienced before which made me painful and helpless contain the will of God. If I hadn’t had that painful experience, how could I have left my hometown for this place? And had I not come here, I wouldn’t have met my wife and been together with her, nor would I have believed in God. Now I realize that all of these are under the sovereignty and arrangements of God and it is God that has prepared the necessary conditions for my salvation in advance! Thinking of this, he couldn’t help bowing down to God and praying: “Oh God! Your sovereignty and predestination is so miraculous. Regardless of whether these things are good or bad according to people, there are Your wisdom and love within them. Thank You for Your grace and selection of me in the last days. I will cherish and treasure all of these You have arranged for me.”

From Li Jun’s experience, I also get the answer: Turns out that God has already predestinated the life course of each people, but we do not know it ourselves. Only after having the experience, coming before God, and reading God’s words can we know all that we have experienced are under the sovereignty of God. So on the big stage of life, the general director behind the scenes is the God who gave us life, and each of us merely plays a small role in the drama, fulfilling our own responsibilities and performing our respective functions within the bounds predestined by God.

In this we can see that only submitting to God’s sovereignty and arrangements is the best choice for us. All the glory be to God!

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Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.
Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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