John 10:30 – I and My Father Are One

John 10-30 - I and My Father Are One

Bible Verse – John 10:30   I and My Father Are One

God’s Word
“That is, in all these many years, God’s work has never stopped, but keeps being carried forward in man, all the way down to this day. Although God has spoken so many words and done so much work, man still does not know God, all because God has never appeared to man and also because He has no tangible form. And so God must bring this work to completion—causing all men to know the practical significance of the practical God. To achieve this end, God must reveal His Spirit tangibly to humanity and do His work in their midst. That is, only when God’s Spirit assumes physical form, puts on flesh and bone, and visibly walks among people, accompanying them in their lives, sometimes showing and sometimes hiding Himself, only then are people able to arrive at a deeper understanding of Him. If God only remained in the flesh, He would not be able to fully complete His work. After working in the flesh for a period of time, fulfilling the ministry that needs to be done in the flesh, God will depart the flesh and work in the spiritual realm in the image of the flesh just as Jesus did so after He had worked for a period of time in normal humanity and completed all the work that He needed to complete. You may remember this passage from “The Path … (5)”: “I remember My Father saying to Me, ‘On earth, only carry out Your Father’s will and complete His commission. Nothing else concerns You.’” What do you see in this passage? When God comes to the earth, He does only His work within divinity. This is what the heavenly Spirit has entrusted to the incarnate God. When He comes, He goes only to speak everywhere, to give voice to His utterances in different methods and from different perspectives. He chiefly takes supplying man and teaching man as His goals and working principle, and does not concern Himself with such things as interpersonal relationships or the details of people’s lives. His main ministry is to speak for the Spirit. When God’s Spirit appears tangibly in the flesh, He only provides for man’s life and releases the truth. He does not get involved in man’s work, which is to say, He does not participate in the work of humanity. Humans cannot do divine work, and God does not participate in human work.”

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