Jesus Calms the Storm – With God All Things Are Possible

This movie clip is especially classic and impressive. Facing the furious storm and powerful ocean waves, The Lord Jesus’ disciples were terrified, and to them, this was undoubtedly a test of faith. They all believed they’d die in the storm, but Jesus was sleeping soundly on the boat. Not until the Lord Jesus was woken by them did He get up and rebuke the wind and the ocean. And it was perfectly calm and quiet afterward. The Lord Jesus, then, turned back and faced them, asking, “Where is your faith?”

Every time when I watch this clip, it reminds me that when I try to solve my problems and frustrations by myself, it is often arduous, and I feel tired and stressed. However, when I pray and rely on God, I not only feel more relaxed but also see God’s miraculous arrangements. I really feel that God is always with me, and this certainly builds my faith in God. The Lord Jesus said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Everything is in God’s hands. When we rely on God and obey God’s arrangements, we will truly feel all that God arranges is the best.

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