International Coastal Cleanup Day: CAG Christians  Participate in Cleanup Event in Saipan

The blue sea is very delightful along with the clear sky and beach, while the trash littering the coastlines is a huge killer to marine ecological environment. The Saipan Division of Coastal Resources Management (DCRM) hosted the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) event on September 21, 2019, which drew the participation of more than 30 companies and individual groups including Saipan Centennial Lions Club, Hyatt Regency Saipan, Micronesian Islands Nature Alliance (MINA), and 34 Christians from The Church of Almighty God (CAG).

That day at 7:30 am, CAG Christians arrived at Hopwood Beech. They spent the morning collecting the cigarette butts, beverage bottles, plastic bags and white garbage scattering on the beach and bushes and then took them to a designated site, where they got them sorted and counted to fill the data into the form. Finally with the help of DCRM staff, they weighed the garbage and had it carted away. The cleanup event ended at 11:20 am, which gathered 884 volunteers from Saipan and collected 5,820 lbs of trash from 47 spots.

Mallory Muna, the Communications Specialist of DCRM, said in the interview, “The feature of international coastal cleanup lies not only in cleaning unsightly debris and hazardous waste, but also in emphasizing data collection and community participation. The cleaning staff is responsible for collecting data on each piece of waste and marine debris in the work. The data will be input to the world’s largest marine debris database, available to teachers, legislators, scientists and people all over the world to deal with the increasing marine debris. We are impressed by the Christians’ efforts in collecting data in the event, and we admire their enthusiasm and hard work to make the community a better place. I’m looking forward to seeing them again at the next event.”

Julius Reyes, a staff member of DCRM, told the reporter, “We organize the event every year around the world to clean up all coastal communities and it has grown in scale year by year. The CAG Christians do a good job in this work, and all of them help as much as they can. I really appreciate it.”

This is the second year for CAG Christians in Saipan to attend the event. They claimed that the Creator loves human beings so much that He creates an environment that is most suitable for us to live, so we should cherish it. Christians should be salt and light, live out a normal humanity, and take an active part in protecting the ecological environment of Saipan. In addition to this event, they often participate in other charity activities.

The International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) is the world’s largest single-day volunteer event with the goal of collecting trash littering our waterways, coastlines, lakes and rivers. Since the first cleanup event more than 30 years ago, nearly 250 million lbs of garbage have been removed from the oceans thanks to the efforts of about 13 million volunteers.

DCRM Staff and CAG Christians


CAG Christians are picking up trash