Review of The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything: Disclose the Mysteries About the Fate and Future of All Things

By Miao Miao

When facing this big world, what do you think of first? When looking at the vast expanse of the universe, what comes to your mind? Humanity has explored these unknown things time and time again.

The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything is a historical documentary. Moreover, it is a documentary of human life. It answers the questions that have been subjects of debate for thousands of years and helps us explore the mysteries of human life and of the universe world. Plus, it helps us explore more of the most impressive topics. In a sense, these serious topics directly relate to mankind’s end and destination.

The documentary The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything tells us about the infinite mysteries contained in the following questions: Where does man come from and where should man go? Who presides over the fate of all mankind? Were all things in the universe really created by Mother Nature? And for what a country or nation rises and falls? It narrates the truth, with the ending echoing the beginning, and comprehensively traces the origin from different perspectives. The astounding sound effects and images, the fast-moving scenes, the comfortable and beautiful shifting in tones and scenes show us the perfection and charm of all things.

In the earlier days, the astronomer Copernicus published On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres. Later, Galileo discovered the Galaxy, which consists of countless stars as well as many satellites. The distances between them can be quantified precisely…. The deep and immeasurable universe has attracted a large number of scientists to study and explore it. However, hundreds and even thousands of years passed, no one has succeeded in disclosing the mysteries of the universe through exploration. No one knows what power arranges this vast universe so systematically. Even the documentary Cosmos: A Space-time Odyssey presents us only the mysteries and vast image of the universe, but it can’t tell us clearly and in detail why the universe is like this. The debate between the geocentric theory and the heliocentric theory, the conclusion drawn by the astronomers that the universe is operated, governed and controlled by a dark energy, the most popular Big Bang Theory … which one of them is the most persuasive? This question seems to have confused all people. But anyhow, we can feel that the universe is necessarily tied to our life and death. We are shocked by the vastness of the universe. In the meantime, the universe reminds us that we will not live peacefully unless it operates systematically and regularly.

After the issue of the vast universe, let’s come to the topic of human life. People living on the earth adhere to one constant rule that we have to go through several junctures: being born crying into the world, an ignorant juvenile phase, a vigorous youth, a weather-beaten middle age and a gloomy old age. From ancient times to the present, from one generation to the next, no one is able to change this rule or the scope of mankind’s existence. No one is exempt from the journey of birth, aging, sickness, and death, despite our different generations, appearances, living environments and backgrounds, education, wealth and knowledge.

A bridge scene in the documentary remains fresh in my mind: There is a country lane on which for several years, several decades, and even several thousand years, passers-by have been changing, but the land and the lane remain unchanged. The camera shots of the death and birth of generation after generation, from ancient times to now, paint the cycle of human life and death. I couldn’t help but sigh that we humans are all living and growing within one law. No one is able to go beyond the bounds or change the present situation.

As watching the documentary, I seem to find the answer from people’s frightened faces in disasters. The earth is moving and the mountains are shaking; the hurricane is hitting; the flood is coming…. In a flash, the catastrophe leaves a trail of destruction—debris, corpses everywhere and cries filling the air. The air is pervaded by the breath of death. That is unbearably harsh. Some avoid death and survive while some leave this world forever. We humans have no choice but to sigh: No matter whether we’re people having high position with handsome salary or common people, it’s hard for us to escape suffering disasters; even if we have enormous wealth and high status, these things can’t save our lives. So, who really presides over the fate of all mankind, and who can save us from disasters? In the documentary, there is an exposition which says: “He is the One who supplies and nourishes mankind for its existence, and guides mankind up to the present day. Moreover, He and He alone is whom mankind depends on for its survival. He holds sovereignty over all things and rules all living beings beneath the universe. He commands the four seasons, and it is He who calls forth wind, frost, snow, and rain. He gives mankind sunshine and brings the coming of night. It was He who laid out the heavens and earth, providing man with mountains, lakes and rivers and all the living things within them.” In these words, I know that in the journey of life, we human beings are only helmsmen, not the captain.

God Holds Sovereignty Over the Fate of Every Country and All Peoples

In the latter half of the documentary, the director leads us to review human history, including the wars between countries, lootings, and colonization which are frequent in the world history. The Britain once occupied India, but much of the territory of India was not directly controlled by Britain. Later, the conflicts and opposition between Hindus and Muslims made India split into two countries. Another example: The Germans invaded the Soviet in World War II and their victory was in sight, but they were defeated when they attacked Moscow. Many historians feel confused and don’t understand why the invaders who started the war were defeated in the end. What do these historical facts teach us? Is the fate of a country or nation really determined by war?

In the year 313 A.D., the Roman Emperor Constantine I legalized Christianity. Many years later, Christianity was established the national religion in the Roman Empire. Meanwhile, the empire entered its golden age. Consequently, Christianity changed the people in Europe, Asia and Africa in many aspects, such as life, religion, thought, virtue, morality, and so on. It also affected the ideas and political careers of the rulers one generation after another. However, no one had expected that the Roman Empire would fall because of the widespread and increasing influence of Christianity in Roman. The Roman governors were afraid that Christians would take their place, so they slaughtered a large number of Christians. After that, the Roman Empire began to perish.

In England, the victory of the bourgeois revolution helped create a constitutional monarchy. Britain expanded its foreign trade as well as its colonial scramble through colonization. Along with the British colonization, many advanced knowledge and western ideas, such as political system, culture, religion, education, medicine, and so on, were brought into the colonies, destroying the old ruling systems there and breaking their feudal closed mind. It laid the foundation for constitution and democracy in the colonies unknowingly and brought a favorable turn to the calcified, stagnant, closed and undeveloped societies of the colonized countries. However, after the two world wars, the British colonies gained independence one after another, and Britain started to decline.

The ideas spread by these countries, in spite of their rise or fall, or the reasons of their fall, played important roles in the development of human society at that time. It seems to show that the rise or fall of a country is determined long in advance. Their roles in the world will never be replaced. The Roman Empire forcibly pushed the spread of Christianity; the rising British Empire pushed the development of human society. The two empires had played important roles in history. In addition, there is another important country that we cannot fail to mention—the United States, who is playing an important role in stabilizing the global situation and providing a balance for world order and is seen as the policeman of the world. Its birth and strength are inevitably connected with the Puritans. If we look up the historical documents, it is not hard to find that the Puritans were blessed with God’s favor and experienced many wonders.

Perhaps the greatest meaning of shooting this documentary is not showing people the value of faith, but showing the facts and truth, which ranges from individual life to country, forcing people to reconsider the value and meaning of human life. What are the mysteries in the rise and captivity of Israel? By whom are the rise and fall of a country decided? From ancient times to the present, how does the humanity develop to the present day?

Nowadays, people have lost their moralities and cannot tell the difference between good and evil. Therefore, this documentary is invaluable, because it gives us both visual and spiritual impacts, and leads us to trace the origin as well. It is indeed an epic masterpiece with profound meanings.

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