A New Commentary on Hidden Character Stone Displaying “Chinese Communist Party Perishes”

Qi Miao

In June 2002, a mysterious stone was discovered in the Zhangbu river valley in Pingtang County of Guizhou Province in China. A crack that formed 500 years ago in the megalith revealed six neatly arrayed Chinese characters that read: The Chinese Communist Party perishes. Geologists and paleontologists decided that there was no trace of the characters being made by human beings, and that the inscription, which consists of simplified and traditional Chinese characters, dated back 270 million years.

Hidden Character Stone “Chinese Communist Party Perishes”

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It is not news today. However, this incredible stone has remained a mystery in people’s hearts. Anyone who has read the report may feel shocked at the supernatural phenomenon. They may also wonder: Will the Chinese Communist Party really perish?

In fact, people with good sense have all seen that since the Chinese Communist Party took power, it has been on a path of destruction. Why? I’d like to share my own views.

First, the Chinese Communist Party endeavors to deny God, advocates atheism and materialism, and makes up an assortment of lies to deceive the Chinese people. One of these lies is Darwin’s theory of evolution. It was already denied by Darwin himself in his old age, but the CCP continues to include it in textbooks as authoritative. Imbued with this thought generation after generation, the Chinese are convinced that man evolved from apes, rather than that man was created by God. Moreover, the CCP promotes scientism, claiming the world was created by nature, that rain is the result of water vapor condensing into droplets that fall from clouds, that lightning is a giant spark of electricity from the collision of the positive and negative charges in the cloud, and so on. It is written in the Bible, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). The world was created by God, so were we humans. The CCP denies that God created all things and mankind and makes up lies to dupe its people, in attempt to escape God’s sovereignty and build a so-called communist paradise, let all the people deny God and follow it and worship it as God.

Second, the Chinese Communist Party does not worship God, but instead acts perversely and contrary to God. Both mainland and overseas Chinese know well that the CCP is an atheist party which has traditionally persecuted religious faith. Since it took office, it has forced Christians to join the Three-Self Church under its control, apart from burning the Bibles. The house church Christians who refuse to join the state-sanctioned church will be arrested and sentenced to prison on groundless charges, suffering rampant crackdown and persecution. In recent years, even the Three-Self Church has been subjected to persecution. Massive churches were demolished and crosses removed. The CCP has deprived the people’s liberal and democratic rights and human rights, including freedom to religion, leaving them suffering greatly, especially the Christians. The latest annual report of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom found a continued deterioration during 2016 in the Chinese government’s persecution on underground Christian churches and religious groups such as Muslims in the Xinjiang region, and China once again was designated as one of the “countries of particular concern” that severely infringe on religious freedom. Just as the Bible says, “the whole world lies in wickedness” (1 John 5:19). The CCP is the most evil of the reactionary forces in the world today. For the past decades, it has been acting in opposition to God and bitterly competing with God, and has long triggered God’s wrath.

Third, the Chinese Communist Party relies on lies and violent slaughter to safeguard its regime and achieve its goal of forever ruling the Chinese people. As is known to all, the CCP has taken advantage of campaigns since assuming power, such as the June 4 Incident, Xinjiang and Tibet riots, to consolidate power and eliminate the “enemy forces” that posed a threat to its dictatorship. These stacks of homicide cases were all schemed up by the CCP, who shifted the blame onto others to serve its sinister purpose of forever ruling the Chinese people. The CCP has brought great disaster to the whole Chinese people and left scenes of bloodshed and misery all over Mainland China. Its reaction and cruelty have incurred the indignation of both God and man. “Give a thief enough rope and he’ll hang himself,” as people often say, the CCP cannot escape perdition anyway.

Thanks be to the Lord! At this point, I’ve felt all the more that God is the God that keeps watch over all and searches people’s hearts. The deeds and thoughts of everyone in this world, from the president of a country to an ordinary person, cannot escape being observed by God’s eyes. Wicked people shall be wiped out by God while those who truly worship God shall receive God’s care; negative and evil things will finally be destroyed by God while good and beautiful things will remain, for God is holy and righteous. So, every one of us should caution ourselves to honor God as great in all things, do what God likes, and fear God and shun evil like Job. Only in this way can we gain the Lord’s joy and approval.

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