Happiness Lies in Contentment

In real life, we always feel unsatisfied. Regardless of whether we are businessmen or farmers, whether we are the rich or the poor, we all have many demands and desire. Even if we gain what we want, none of us will say, “I’m quite content and no more expect anything.” This reminds me of a story.

There was once a beggar, who thought he would be content with the clothes on his back and the food on his plate. Once, in his sleep, he dreamt that “fate” was pouring precious stones into his pockets, and exhorted him not to covet more, or else as soon as one stone fell to the floor, all of them would turn to dust. Then his pockets were full, but he still wanted to ask for more. As a result, because there were too many precious stones, they dropped out of his pockets and became dust, and then the “fate” also disappeared.

The beggar in the story said, “I will be content with having food and covering.” Did he tell a lie? Perhaps he told the truth. However, because of his insatiability, his fate went back to square one. The Bible says, “He that loves silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loves abundance with increase” (Ecclesiastes 5:10). In real life, aren’t we just like the insatiable beggar?

Many people aren’t content with their families, so that their marriages break down and their families are torn apart. Many people aren’t content with their property and want to get more wealth, and then they go bankrupt because of extravagant greed, finally having nothing. Many people aren’t merely content with living in plenty, and work all the time, so that they suffer illness all over with weariness, and finally they are too ill to leave their bed. Many people aren’t content with their own positions, so they all conduct financial transactions with each other. They have lost their integrity and dignity, and even colleagues and friends can fall out with each other and become enemies. Insatiability makes us live in pain, so that we can’t feel peaceful and steadfast within our spirits.

Happiness Lies in Contentment

In fact, as long as we are good at observation, we will find that human fate is arranged and predetermined by God, and He has mercy on all of us and treats everyone with fairness. Whether we get more or less depends on the predestination of the Creator and aren’t based on our exertion and ambition. However, there is always something that makes us not feel completely satisfied, and it is this sense of deficiency that makes us always fight against fate. Only in the end do we realize we are still the ones who suffer losses, and even ruin ourselves just for such a little insatiability.

God says, “What occupation one pursues, what one does for a living, and how much wealth one amasses in life are not decided by one’s parents, one’s talents, one’s efforts or one’s ambitions, but are predetermined by the Creator.” If we can understand that everything is predetermined by the Creator, is bestowed upon by Him, if we can submit to the sovereignty and arrangement of God, then we will feel: We’re truly content, for everything we enjoy is from God’s blessings. The Bible says: “Rejoice ever more. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). If we bring these words into real life to practice and use, then all our sufferings and vexations will be solved. Furthermore, we’ll feel joy always keeps us company.

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