Going to Heaven or Hell Sometimes Hinges on the Decision Made in a Moment!


Going to heaven or hell sometimes hinges on the decision made in a moment!

Once there was a warrior who asked an old man about the difference between heaven and hell. The old man glanced at him, and instead of answering directly, he said very seriously, “You’re a warrior, but no one will hire you, because you’re ugly and stupid.”

The warrior felt insulted and flew into a rage. He drew his sword and cut at the old man. However, the old man stood quite still and said calmly, “The gate of hell is opened now.”

Hearing this, the warrior suddenly came to his senses. He immediately tossed his sword to the ground and apologized to the old man humbly.

The old man smiled and said, “The gate of heaven is opened.”

It is just a fable. Of course, we know whether we will go to heaven or hell is decided by God, not any man. Yet this fable can still give us some enlightenment: Many times we are like the warrior; when hearing something offensive to our ears or encountering something unpleasant, we will burst into anger and “draw our swords,” exposing our natural self or nature immoderately. Or we will remain indifferent and go our own ways in spite of others’ well-intentioned reminders and warnings. In the end, we will bring lots of pain and even tragedy upon ourselves. However, if we can treat them with composure, reflect on ourselves, and then choose the right path, we will probably achieve different results.

from “Going to Heaven or Hell Sometimes Hinges on the Decision Made in a Moment!

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