The Differences Between God’s Work and Man’s Work (Part One)

from The Church of Almighty God
The founders of all religions are absolutely not God but corrupt men.

1. “The work done by the incarnated flesh is a work to start a new age, and the ones who continue his work will be the men used by him. All the works done by men are works within the ministry of the God in the flesh and cannot go beyond this scope. Unless God is incarnated to work, men cannot end the old age or bring a new age. The works done by men are only some works within their duty, that is, within their ability, and they cannot represent God to work. Only the incarnated God can accomplish the work he ought to do. No one else can do his work in his stead. Of course, what I am saying is only true with respect to the work of the incarnated flesh.”

from “Corrupt Mankind Needs Even More the Salvation of the God Incarnated in the ‘Flesh’”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

2. “The One Jesus represented was God’s Spirit, who directly worked in him. And he did the work of a new age, a work no one had ever done. He opened up a new way, and the One he represented was Jehovah and was God Godself. But no matter how Peter, Paul, or David was addressed, they only represented a created being, and they were sent by Jesus or by Jehovah. So, no matter how many works they did and how great were the miracles they performed, they were only a created being and could not represent God’s Spirit. They worked in the name of God or after being sent by God. And they worked in the age Jesus or Jehovah had started, and they did not do another work; they were only a created being after all.”

from “A Statement About Address and Identity” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

3. “God’s own work has to be done by God Godself. He is the One who starts the work and who ends the work. He is the One who plans the work and who manages the work, and even more the One who accomplishes the work. Just as the Bible says, ‘I am the Beginning and the End. I am the One who sows and who reaps.’ All these works that have to do with his management have to be done by himself. He is the Ruler of the six-thousand-year management plan. No man can do his work in his stead, and no man can end his work, because he controls everything. Since he created the world, he will lead the entire world to live in his light, and he will surely end the entire age to accomplish all his plans!”

from “The Mystery of Incarnation (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

4. “John only did the initial work, and more new works were done by Jesus. Although John also did a new work, he was not one who opened the new age.Although John also preached, ‘Repent you: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,’ preaching the gospel of the kingdom of heaven, his work did not go further but was only a start. Jesus, however, opened the new age and ended the old age but also fulfilled the law of the Old Testament. He did a greater work than John, and he came to redeem the whole mankind. He did that work. John only paved the way. Although he also did a very great work and spoke many words, and many disciples followed him, his work only brought people a new start, and they did not receive the life, the way, or deeper truth from him and did not understand God’s will through him. John was a great prophet (Elijah). He opened up the place and prepared the people for Jesus’ work and was the forerunner of the Age of the Grace. One cannot at all discern these from their normal human outer shell. Furthermore, the work John did was also quite great, and he was promised by the Holy Spirit and the work he did was upheld by the Holy Spirit. So, one can only discern their identities from the works they did, because one cannot discern their substance from their outer shell or ascertain what the testimony of the Holy Spirit was. The work John did was different from the work Jesus did, and the nature of his work was different from that of Jesus’. One should discern from these whether he was God. The work Jesus did was starting, continuing, ending, and accomplishing. He did these steps of the work, whereas John only started the work. At first Jesus preached the gospel, the way of repentance. Later he baptized people and healed the sick and drove out demons. In the end he redeemed mankind from sins and accomplished his work of the entire age. He also preached everywhere, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of heaven. In this he was the same as John. The difference was that he opened the new age and brought the Age of the Grace to people. What people should practice and the way they should walk in the Age of the Grace were spoken out from his mouth. In the end he accomplished the redemptive work. But John could not do such work. So, Jesus did the work of God Godself, and only he was God Godself and directly represented God.”

from “The Mystery of Incarnation (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

5. “All that man speaks is what he has experienced, what he has seen, what his mind can reach, and what his sense can feel. Man can fellowship about these things. The words spoken by God’s incarnated flesh are the direct expression of the Spirit, expressing the works the Spirit has done. Although the flesh has not experienced or seen them, what he expresses is still what he is, because the substance of the flesh is the Spirit and what he expresses is the works of the Spirit. Even though they are beyond the capacity of the flesh, they are the works the Spirit has done. After he is incarnated, through the expression of his flesh, he lets people know what God is and see God’s disposition and the works he has done. The work done by man is to cause people to be more clear about what they should enter into and what they should understand and is to lead them to understand and experience the truth. What man does is the sustaining work; the work done by God is to open up a new way and open a new age for mankind and to disclose to people the things the mortals do not know, so that they can know his disposition. What he does is the work of leading all mankind.”

from “God’s Work and Man’s Work” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

6. “God’s word cannot be said to be man’s word, much less can man’s word be said to be God’s word; a man used by God is not the incarnated God, and the incarnated God is not a man used by God. They are different in substance. Maybe after you read these words, you do not acknowledge that they are God’s word but only acknowledge that they are the inspiration man receives. Then you are too ignorant. How can God’s word be the same as the inspiration man receives? The word of the incarnated God is to open an age, to lead all mankind, to unlock mysteries, and to bestow to man the direction for walking in the new age. The inspiration man receives is nothing but some simple practices or knowledge, which cannot lead all mankind into a new age or unlock God’s own mysteries. God is God, and man is man; God has God’s substance, and man has man’s substance.”

from “Preface” to The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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