Do You Know God’s Will Behind the Avalanche?

On the morning of March 27, an avalanche struck the Nasu Onsen Family Ski Resort in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, leaving 7 senior high school students and 1 teacher dead and 40 injured, 2 seriously. When the incident occurred, the teachers and students in the mountaineering club from Otawara High School in Tochigi Prefecture were participating in the climbing lesson event at an altitude of 1,300 meters, according to the local police. As it happened suddenly, there was hardly any time for the tourists to be evacuated, and consequently the majority of them were buried under the snow. The injured were sent to the hospital, among whom, 7 schoolboys and 1 male teacher died after all rescue measures failed, and the others were still under treatment.

The news released by the Tochigi education board said that the mountain climbing training trip of Otawara High School was scheduled for 3 days, and the avalanche occurred on the last day of the trip. The local weather station had warned that there would be heavy snow that day, but the club still decided to finish the training as planned. It had been unexpected that an abrupt avalanche would happen, and cause heavy casualties.

Reading the news that an avalanche suddenly happened in Japan and caused heavy casualties, I can’t help but remember that avalanches frequently struck many European countries recently and also caused many casualties. These avalanches all took place in tourist attractions or ski resorts, and those who were killed or injured in the avalanches all had gone there for amusement. They had expected to go there to enjoy their leisure, but ended up losing their lives in the unexpected disasters all of a sudden. This allows us to see that man is always so fragile and small in the face of disaster; man cannot expect at what time a disaster will happen, nor can he decide his life or death in the disaster. God says: “Though people do their best to avoid and resist the coming of death, yet still, unbeknownst to them, death silently draws near. No one knows when they will perish or how they will do so, much less where it will happen. Obviously, it is not humanity that holds the power of life and death, not some being in the natural world, but the Creator, whose authority is unique. Mankind’s life and death are not the product of some law of the natural world, but a consequence of the sovereignty of the Creator’s authority.

God’s words plainly reveal the root of why man cannot control his life or death. Mankind’s life originates from the Creator, and they live and reproduce and develop to the present day under the guidance and sovereignty of the Creator. Man’s fate in life is determined by the Creator, and man’s life and death is even more controlled by the Creator, whose authority is unique. When and where one is born, and when and where and how one perishes, are all arranged by God Himself. Today in the last days, the human race has been corrupted by Satan to the extreme. Businessmen intrigue against and outwit each other for profits; politicians attack and plot against each other for power; scientists attempt to use science to design man’s future and make man cast off God’s sovereignty; and regular folks pay increasing attention to enjoyments, eating, drinking and making merry, and seeking excitement. Among the whole of mankind, very few pay attention to seeking the way of truth that can make man’s life meaningful, and moreover, no one actively seeks out God’s footsteps or focuses on the work that God does now. God does not want to see the mankind He created with His own hands continue degenerating like this and eventually devoured and ruined by Satan. Therefore, He returns to flesh among man, and carries out the work of judgment and chastisement with His words in the last days. Through expressing words, God discloses, judges, and purifies man’s corrupt disposition, so as to eventually make complete a group of people who have the truth and life, truly worship Him, and live by His words. In the end, He will take this group of people into the pleasant age that follows and destroy the corrupt old world and those who are of the brood of Satan completely with the great disaster. This just fulfills the prophecy in Revelation, “And the nations were angry, and your wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that you should give reward to your servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear your name, small and great; and should destroy them which destroy the earth” (Revelation 11:18). Today the disasters like earthquake, flood, tsunami, plague, hailstone, avalanche, hurricane and so on, which we can see everywhere, are merely God’s reminders to mankind before He sends down the great disaster. Just as God has said: “None know that the repeated reminders and exhortations of God are because He holds in His hands an unprecedented disaster that He has prepared, one that will be unbearable for the flesh and soul of man. This disaster is not merely a punishment of the flesh but of the soul as well. You must know this: When the plan of God is made void and when His reminders and exhortations beget no response, what anger will He unleash? This will be like nothing that has heretofore been experienced or heard by any creation. And so I say, this disaster is unprecedented and will never be repeated. This is because only one creation and one salvation are within the plan of God. This is the first time and also the last. Therefore, none can comprehend the kind intention and fervent anticipation of God for mankind’s salvation.

God sends down various disasters one after another while expressing His words to judge and purify man’s corrupt disposition, for the purpose of warning mankind to cease to walk their own path sooner and not to continue degenerating, and making them come before Him to listen to His voice and seek the way of truth. When the great disaster prophesied in Revelation befalls, only those who have kept pace with God’s work of the last days and been purified and saved after experiencing God’s words, will be watched over and protected by God and thus survive the disaster and be taken into the next age. For without the presence and care of God, no one can survive the approaching devastating disaster.

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