What should we Know of the Trinity? (II)

John Gatura Africa

I felt there were mysteries to be sought in this piece of God’s word “Does the Trinity Exist?” so I moved on with the reading.
This concept of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is most absurd! This segments God and splits Him into three persons, each with a status and Spirit; how then can He still be one Spirit and one God? Tell Me, were the heavens and earth, and all things within it created by the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit? Some say that They created it all together. Then who redeemed mankind? Was it the Holy Spirit, the Son, or the Father? Some say it was the Son who redeemed mankind. Then who is the Son in substance? Is He not the incarnation of the Spirit of God? The incarnation calls God in heaven by the name of Father from the perspective of a created man. Are you not aware that Jesus was born from the conception through the Holy Spirit? Within Him is the Holy Spirit; whatever you say, He is still one with God in heaven, for He is the incarnation of the Spirit of God. This idea of the Son simply is untrue. It is one Spirit who carries out all of the work; only God Himself, that is, the Spirit of God carries out His work. Who is the Spirit of God? Is it not the Holy Spirit? Is it not the Holy Spirit who works in Jesus? If the work had not been carried out by the Holy Spirit (that is, the Spirit of God), then could His work represent God Himself?

Lord Jesus' Pray

When Jesus called God in heaven by the name of Father as He prayed, this was done only from the perspective of a created man, only because the Spirit of God had clothed Himself as an ordinary and normal man and had the exterior cover of a created being. Even if within Him was the Spirit of God, His exterior appearance was still that of an ordinary man; in other words, He had become the ‘Son of man’ of which all men, including Jesus Himself, spoke. Given that He is called the Son of man, He is a person (whether man or woman, in any case one with the exterior shell of a human being) born into a normal family of ordinary people. Therefore, Jesus calling God in heaven by the name of Father was the same as how you at first called Him Father; He did so from the perspective of a man of creation. Do you still remember the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus taught you to memorize? ‘Our Father in heaven….’ He asked all man to call God in heaven by the name of Father. And since He too called Him Father, He did so from the perspective of one who stands on an equal footing with you all. Since you called God in heaven by the name of Father, this shows that Jesus saw Himself to be on equal footing with you, and as a man on earth chosen by God (that is, the Son of God). If you call God ‘Father,’ is this not because you are a created being? However great the authority of Jesus on earth, prior to the crucifixion, He was merely a Son of man, governed by the Holy Spirit (that is, God), and one of the earth’s created beings, for He had yet to complete His work. Therefore, His calling God in heaven Father was solely His humility and obedience. His addressing God (that is, the Spirit in heaven) in such a manner, however, does not prove that He is the Son of the Spirit of God in heaven. Rather, it is simply that His perspective is different, not that He is a different person. The existence of distinct persons is a fallacy! Prior to His crucifixion, Jesus was a Son of man bound by the limitations of the flesh, and He did not fully possess the authority of the Spirit. That is why He could only seek the will of God the Father from the perspective of a created being. It is as He thrice prayed in Gethsemane: ‘Not as I will, but as you will.’ Before He was laid on the cross, He was but the King of the Jews; He was Christ, the Son of man, and not a body of glory. That is why, from the standpoint of a created being, He called God Father. Now, you cannot say that all who call God Father are the Son. If this were so, then would you not have all become ‘the Son’ once Jesus taught you the Lord’s Prayer? If you are still not convinced, then tell Me, who is the one that you call Father? If you are referring to Jesus, then who is the Father of Jesus to you? After Jesus went away, this idea of the Father and the Son was no longer. This idea was only appropriate for the years when Jesus became flesh; under all other circumstances, the relationship is one between the Lord of creation and a created being when you call God Father. There is no time at which this idea of the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can stand; it is a fallacy rarely seen through the ages and does not exist!

After reading these words, I came to understand a little. From the outside the Lord Jesus appeared to be a man, but within Him was the Spirit of God, who assumed an ordinary flesh with the exterior cover of a created being. No wonder the Lord Jesus said, “Believe you not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me?” (John 14:11). As it says in the Lord’s Prayer “Our Father who art in heaven …” (Matthew 6:9), when the Lord Jesus called God in heaven Father as He prayed, He put Himself on an equal footing with man. At that moment, my heart suddenly lit up. God’s words had made it very clear. God does not have three persons. It was because the Lord Jesus is the incarnate God that He prayed from the perspective of a created being and addressed God in heaven as Father. However, it caused man to mistakenly believe that Jesus was the Son of the Spirit of God in heaven. Actually, there is only one God and only one Spirit. I felt deeply in my heart that only God Himself can unravel these mysteries, and that Almighty God is really the returned Lord Jesus! I had gained so much from The Word Appears in the Flesh. Thanks be to Almighty God!

I was very moved, and then continued to read: “Yet even such a fallacy has its origin and is not entirely without basis, for your minds are not so simple, and your thoughts are not without reason. Rather, they are quite appropriate and ingenious, so much so that they are impregnable even to any Satan. The pity is that these thoughts are all fallacies and simply do not exist! You have not seen the real truth at all; you are merely making conjectures and conceptions, then fabricating it all into a story to deceitfully gain others’ trust and to gain dominance over those most foolish of men without wit or reason, so that they believe in your great and renowned ‘expert teachings.’ Is this truth? Is this the way of life that man should receive? It is all nonsense! Not a single word is appropriate!

Throughout these many years, God has been split by you in this way, being split finer and finer with each generation, to the extent that one God has been openly split into three Gods. And now it is simply impossible for man to rejoin God as one, for you have split Him up too finely! If not for My prompt work before it was too late, it is hard to say how long you would have brazenly continued this way! To continue splitting God in this way, how can He still be your God? Would you still recognize God? Would you still return to Him? If I had arrived any later, it is likely that you would have sent the ‘Father and Son,’ Jehovah and Jesus back to Israel and claimed that you yourselves are a part of God. Fortunately, it is now the last days. Finally, this day I have long awaited has come, and only after I carried out this stage of work by My own hand has your splitting of God Himself been halted. If not for this, you would have escalated, even placing all the Satans among you onto altars for worship. This is your artifice! Your means of splitting God! Will you continue to do so now? Let Me ask you: How many Gods are there? Which God will bring you salvation? Is it the first God, the second, or the third that you always pray to? Which of Them do you always believe in? Is it the Father? Or the Son? Or is it the Spirit? Tell Me who it is that you believe in. Though with every word you say you believe in God, what you actually believe is your own brain! You simply do not have God in your heart! And yet in your minds are a number of such ‘Trinities’! Do you not agree?” From Almighty God’s words, I saw that to split God into three persons was a very serious matter. It’s blasphemy against God. God is unique. This can never be changed and no one can deny it.

Then I saw the following passage of Almighty God’s word: “There are many contradictions in the explanations of man. Indeed, these are all the notions of man; without further scrutiny, you would all believe they are correct. Do you not know that this idea of God as a Trinity is but the notion of man? No knowledge of man is full and thorough. There are always impurities, and man has too many ideas; this demonstrates that a created being simply cannot explain the work of God. There is too much in the mind of man, all coming from logic and thought, that conflicts with the truth. Can your logic thoroughly dissect the work of God? Can you gain an insight into all the work of Jehovah? Is it you as a man who can see through it all, or is it God Himself who is able to see from everlasting to everlasting? Is it you who can see from everlasting long ago to the everlasting to come, or is it God who can do so? What do you say? How are you worthy to explain God? On what basis is your explanation? Are you God? The heavens and earth, and all things in it were created by God Himself. It was not you who did this, so why are you giving incorrect explanations? Now, do you continue to believe in the Trinity? Do you not think it is too burdensome this way? It would be best for you to believe in one God, not in three. It is best to be light, for ‘the burden of the Lord is light.’” Reading this, I felt God’s thorough understanding of man. Yes, God is the one true God, but I have actually believed in three Gods. How ignorant and ridiculous I have been! To believe in God in inference and imagination is something that offends God and is worth pondering.

Through reading many of Almighty God’s words, I was even more aware that the Trinity doesn’t exist at all, nor does the idea of the distinct persons. God is the one true God. The concepts of the Trinity and “One God in three persons” are man’s notions and imagination, and don’t exist at all. Moreover, from Almighty God’s words I realized the seriousness of holding onto the erroneous idea of the Trinity. It offends God to split God while believing in Him. Thank Almighty God for allowing me to understand this grave issue.

During this period of reading Almighty God’s words, I had gained far too much, and found the answers to all the questions puzzling me for years. I could not help but think of a biblical prophecy: “But when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will teach you all truth. For he shall not speak of himself; but what things soever he shall hear, he shall speak; and the things that are to come, he shall shew you” (John 16:13). Only God’s word has authority and power, and only God can fully articulate the truth of things. The creatures cannot explain godly things, while God alone is able to clarify His work and identity. Today Almighty God has come and unveiled the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. His word is the expression of the truth, and He is exactly the Spirit of the truth. I totally ascertained that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus. Then, I got in touch with the brothers and sisters of the Church of Almighty God by email and began to live my life in the Church. Thank Almighty God for allowing me to understand so many truths and in particular to have a true knowledge of whether the Trinity exists. Since then, I have never again prayed in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but in the name of Almighty God. I give thanks to Almighty God for visiting His marvelous salvation upon me, and I will preach God’s kingdom gospel to more people. Thank God! All the glory goes to Almighty God!

The End.

Part One: What should we Know of the Trinity? (I)

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