God’s Love: The Spiritual Salvation

Tian Mei

Some time ago, entertainment media continually reported the death of a star. On the day when the incident occurred, the police, who had received a call about it, found a man dead in a residential building. A preliminary forensic investigation excluded the possibility that he had been killed. The man was identified as a star, 28, who was a sunshine boy on the screen. I had heard his songs and watched the films and variety shows he had participated in, and he gave me the impression of being handsome and bright. In the beginning, like many net friends, I thought it was fake news hyped by the media or a practical joke. Later, I read several related reports, discovering that the star had been tortured with depression for a long time before he died, and then watched a TV report of his memorial service in the entertainment news. Only then did I finally accept the fact that he had committed suicide because of depression. After that, I felt a deep sense of loss over several days. How fragile life is! I’ve just seen his lively image in a TV show. He was in his best youth with promising prospects. How come his life came to an end in such a sudden way? These celebrities, seemingly successful, have won both fame and fortune, which people are hoping to work toward. Why are they depressed? Some stars even openly admitted in interviews that due to stress they suffered from perennial insomnia and could fall asleep only through drinking alcohol or taking medicines. If an ordinary man feels his life is uneventful, dreary, and empty, it is understandable. However, do these people, gorgeously dressed, not feel fulfilled in their hearts?


Several years ago, when I first heard the term “psychotherapist,” I felt it quite absurd, and thought, “How can man be emotionally ill? Take depression as an example. It’s simply a state of being anxious or empty; how can it be considered as an illness?” I didn’t understand it until a friend of mine in her 50s got depression. She had a happy family, she and her husband were in good health, and both of her sons found a desirable job after graduation. To people around her, she lived a peaceful and happy life. But she felt her life was empty and that it was meaningless to live. In normal people’s eyes, she just got into a dead end. But she was somehow trapped, unable to extricate herself, and was in an absent-minded trance all day. Afterward, her daily life was affected. She was sent to the psychiatry department of a hospital by her family and was diagnosed with depression. Consequently, she had to take medicines, and her family was required to spend more time keeping her company and communicating with her in case she hurt herself. Now, her condition has lasted for a few years, yet neither seeing therapists nor taking medicines has brought any improvement to her health. During these years, as I saw on TV more than once that celebrities committed suicide because of depression, I’ve come to admit in my heart that depression is indeed an illness, a spiritual illness. If it is serious enough, it will affect man’s work and life, and even lead to suicide. Today, depression has already drawn widespread attention from the general public. As a result, relevant researches have emerged and medicines have been developed to treat it. However, can science really explain such a spiritual illness? Can medicine really cure it?

For several thousand years, mankind has lived under Satan’s domain. Satan has corrupted man in a variety of ways so that they become more and more distant from God, and lose the supply from God. Though man’s material life is rich, their heart gets so deserted, exhausted that they are at a loss. Getting to the root of the matter, since our ancestors Adam and Eve were tempted by Satan and betrayed God, mankind has strayed from God and followed Satan. Satan uses various ways to achieve its aim of taking possession of man’s heart and spirit. Whatever man does, including his work, study, life, leisure activities, and research, are all under the control of Satan and full of Satan’s philosophy and thinking. First, Satan has fame and gain mixed in with knowledge, so man departs from his original intention of learning knowledge, regards knowledge as the tool for pursuing fame and gain, and loses his way. Second, Satan uses science to satisfy people’s curiosity and desire of exploring mysteries, so that they only believe in the material world and try to explain everything with science. And Satan often uses ambiguous sayings to numb people and hold on to their hearts. Even some religious experts have conducted researches into the relic of Noah’s ark in order to judge the authenticity of the record of the Bible. They have seen the ark, but could they see the existence of God in the appearance of the ark? Could they see God’s will when He destroyed the world with flood? Third, Satan uses traditional culture to constrain man’s thinking. People become tightly bound by the rules that were set down by their ancestors. Besides, Chinese Confucianism and Daoism, all kinds of activities on traditional holidays, cumbersome wedding and funeral ceremonies, and many other aspects of traditional culture, are rooted deep within the minds of each generation. And man believes that once they neglect any part of those things, they will be unlucky for the whole year. Fourth, through an assortment of superstitious activities, Satan gets man to worship various idols, but not the one true God. Fifth, Satan employs a more insidious method to corrupt man—social trends. Except for the gourmet and fashion trends and following celebrities, which can easily be discerned, there are still many other trends Satan causes to arise at different times, such as deceptions in the business world, and the thoughts intermingled with satanic poisons, like “Money makes the mare go,” “Life is short, enjoy it while you can.” These trends are full of evil. People may not accept them when they first come into contact with them. Nevertheless, as they live in this evil world, they will inevitably be assimilated by these trends in the end. So, they all begin to worship money and evil things, and they all abandon conscience, reason, and the proper attitude of being responsible for life. In a word, all that Satan does tramples man’s heart rather than supplying it. Gradually, man lives out the image of Satan, rebelling against God, tempting God and opposing God. Man’s outlook on life is thoroughly warped, and what they desire and pursue in life are eating, drinking and leisure activities, and indulging in their flesh and lust, with nothing to supply their heart and spirit. Man’s life comes from God. If man completely loses the supply from God, they can only live in emptiness and fear. It is a pity that corrupt mankind cannot find out a solution even if they have noticed the emptiness of their heart.

I was also one of the victims afflicted by Satan. When I had just graduated from university, in order to make more money, I went to a coastal city in the south of China. It was a giddily materialistic place where everyone was on speed, and there was just no time for me to reflect or summarize. I chased after varied benefits and gained nothing, I had a wild time out of frustration, and I was frequently lost, overcome with emptiness. In the small room that I rented, there were many times when I woke up in the middle of the night, and for a few seconds I didn’t know where I was. I was in my 20s then, the prime of life, but I always felt that life was meaningless. Sometimes, when I poured out my heart to my friends and family, they said that I had thought too much, that life was beautiful, and that I had succeeded academically and had an enviable job. But I always felt I was short of something. Later, I quit my job, went back to my hometown to work and got together with my family, but I was still tired of my life. Moreover, faced with the gap between the big city and the small city, I was fastidious about things, complained too much and became someone who was difficult to get along with. Until several years later, I believed in Almighty God. By reading God’s words and experiencing His work, I gradually believed that there is one true God in the heavens and earth who rules over everything. He created us, has supplied us, and has been concerned about us. From God’s words, I understood the truth of how Satan has corrupted mankind, and saw God’s concern for mankind and His will to save mankind. Since then, I’ve begun to experience the real life. The road I had walked and the things I had done before I believed in God, all are pointless, ugly and regrettable, and I cannot bear to look back on them. However, since I believed in God, I’ve pursued to cast off my arrogant and devious dispositions, and to live before God and fear God and shun evil. When faced with dealing and pruning, I’ll examine myself first. Everything I’ve experienced after believing in God has now become a beautiful memory. It feels wonderful. During these years of performing my duty in the church, I can often enjoy peace of mind. Gradually I’ve found my own position in this world, and known why I live and what I should do. And I believe what I’ve done over these years of belief in God is the most proper throughout my life. I don’t have any lofty ideals, and I only want to keep my feet on the ground and be a real man according to God’s word.

Having held faith so long, I’ve just had a bit of perceptual knowledge of God’s words, but when I practice God’s word and obey God, I can enjoy peace of mind, which I had never had in the world. This kind of feeling is what happiness is. This is how I’ve experienced the work of the word carried out by God in the last days. Like many brothers and sisters who have come back to this path, I have returned to God and found the wellspring of living water that can supply man’s heart and spirit. Almighty God’s word says: “Whether the words spoken by God are, in outward appearance, plain or abstruse, they are all truths indispensable to man as he enters into life; they are the fount of living waters that enables him to survive in both spirit and flesh. They provide what man needs to stay alive; the dogma and creed for conducting his daily life; the path, goal, and direction through which he must pass in order to receive salvation; every truth that he should possess as a created being before God; and every truth about how man obeys and worships God. They are the guarantee that ensures man’s survival, they are man’s daily bread, and they are also the sturdy support that enables man to be strong and stand up. They are rich in the reality of the truth of normal humanity as it is lived out by created mankind, rich in the truth by which mankind breaks free from corruption and eludes Satan’s snares, rich in the tireless teaching, exhortation, encouragement, and solace that the Creator gives to created humanity. They are the beacon that guides and enlightens men to understand all that is positive, the guarantee which ensures that men will live out and come into possession of all that is righteous and good, the criterion by which people, events, and objects are all measured, and also the navigation marker that leads men toward salvation and the path of light.” The word expressed by Almighty God is the very spiritual salvation He has bestowed upon us, and the foundation of our existence. God hopes that man can all return to Him and enjoy the bread of life from Him. Only in this way can man’s emptiness in the heart be thoroughly solved.

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