April 14, 2018 – Mark 9:23

Jesus said to him, If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.

– Mark 9:23

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

This verse tells me that nothing is impossible for God, but we should have true faith in Him.

Most of the time, we’ll lose faith when facing some problems, but when we rely on God, God will guide us to solve them unknowingly.

Once, the group leader asked me to finish a draft of a web page design in two days. Since the time was limited, I felt great pressure, thinking: As time is running short and I’m not good at designing, what if I cannot finish it?

Afterward, I did my best to ferret out reference materials, but I still hadn’t come up with an idea, so I wanted to back down. At that moment, I remembered God is almighty, and I should rely on Him. I believed that God would lead and help us. So I recounted to God my own difficulty: “Oh God, I’m willing to give my difficulty into Your hands. May You give me faith and I’m willing to rely on You.” After the prayer, Jesus’ words came to me: “If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes” (Matthew 9:23). And I also remembered another passage of words: “You must have faith that everything is in God’s hands, and that humans are merely coordinating with Him. If you are sincere, God will see it and He will open up all paths for you, making difficulties no longer difficult. You must be confident in this.” Until then did I realize that all things were possible if I relied on God, and I just lacked faith in God. When I was aware of my problem, I prayed to God: I was willing to try my best to design the draft. Later, I looked up some reference materials, and my mind was clear when I designed the draft, and then I finished it little by little. After revising it several times, I completed the design successfully. From this experience, I truly tasted the joy of relying on God, and understood that when we have true faith in God and truly cooperate with Him, He will guide us through difficulties.

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