God Bestows the Truth for Us to Practice

God Bestows the Truth for Us to PracticeJesus Christ taught us, Therefore whoever hears these sayings of mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man, which built his house on a rock: (Matthew 7:24). So, after we finish reading God’s words, we need to experience and practice God’s words in the real life. Only in this way can we truly understand the true meaning of God’s words. Just as God’s words say, “Truly understanding God’s word occurs when you practice the truth, and you must understand that ‘only by practicing the truth can it ever be understood.’ Today, after reading the word of God, you can merely say that you know God’s word, but you can’t say that you understand it. Some say that the only way to practice the truth is to understand it first, but this is only half right and not entirely accurate. Before you have knowledge of a truth, you have not experienced that truth. Feeling that you understand what you hear is not the same thing as truly understanding. To equip yourself with the truth as it is seen in text isn’t the same as understanding the true meaning therein. Just because you have a skin-deep knowledge of the truth doesn’t mean you actually understand it or recognize it; the true meaning of the truth comes from having experienced it. Therefore, only when you experience the truth can you understand it, and only when you experience the truth can you grasp the hidden parts of it. To experience it in depth is the only way to grasp the connotations of the truth, to understand the essence of it.


Concerning the Practice of Prayer
How should one practice so as to understand the truth and gain the truth?
Three Principles for Practicing Being an Honest Person
Practicing God’s Words Makes Me Have Normal Relationships With Others

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