September 2017 Photo Wall Calendars

God Himself the Unique III

God’s authority is everywhere, at every hour, at every instant. If heaven and earth were to pass away, His authority would never pass away, for He is God Himself, He possesses the unique authority, and His authority is not restricted or limited by people, events, or things, by space or by geography. At all times God wields His authority, shows His might, continues His management work as always; at all times He rules all things, provides for all things, orchestrates all things, just as He always did. No one can change this. It is fact; it has been the unchanging truth since time immemorial! (“God Himself, the Unique III“)

Through reading God’s words, I knew that God’s authority and power are unique, that the living and dead are all in God’s hands, and that the disaster is also orchestrated by God.

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