February 9, 2018 – Matthew 15:9

But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

– Matthew 15:9

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

The Lord Jesus revealed that the Pharisees believed in God but did not keep God’s commandments. Instead, they replaced the commandments of God with the inheritance of man and discarded the commandments of God. They believed in God but obeyed people’s words and did not act according to God’s words. This is idolatry, not faith in God. In reality, we are the same as the Pharisees, often worshiping those who have position and power, and always listening to and believing people who preaches well. Only by reflection can we realize that we are idolaters. God is a God who hates evil. He hates most idolaters! Just as God’s words say: “For they only value position, prestige, and power; what they hold in high regard are large groups and sects. They have no regard at all for those led by Christ; they are simply traitors who have turned their backs on Christ, on truth, and on life. What you admire is not the humility of Christ, but those false shepherds of prominent standing. You do not love the loveliness or wisdom of Christ, but those wantons who associate with the vile world. You laugh at the pain of Christ who has no place to lay His head, but admire those corpses that seize offerings and live in debauchery. You are not willing to suffer alongside Christ, but gladly go into the arms of those reckless antichrists though they supply to you only flesh, only letters, and only control. Even now your heart still turns toward them, their reputation, their standing in the hearts of all the Satans, their influence, and their authority, yet you continue to have an attitude of resistance and refusal to accept the work of Christ. This is why I say that you do not have the faith of acknowledging Christ.” God’s words revealed that if we believe in God but don’t honor God as great, and in our hearts we see man’s position as higher than that of God and treat people’s words as more precious than God’s, then we are not believing in God but believe in people. Such a faith is in vain and has nothing to do with God. God will not approve.

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Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.
Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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