Become A Man Who Fears God And Shuns Evil

become a man who fears God and shuns evil - christian quotes

Only if we become a man who fears God and shuns evil, can we transcend the bondage of death, living calmly and fearlessly, freely and unrestrainedly in God’s presence.

I found the source of my fear of death: It is because I do not understand God’s sovereignty, authority and power, much less am I willing to commit my future and destination into His hand completely and obey His sovereignty, ordination, orchestrations and arrangements. I always want to rule over my own fate. What’s more, with regard to my future and destiny, I have my personal motive and desire: I want to take my sacrifice and suffering as the bargaining stock for the glorious crown and wonderful blessings of heaven, fearing that I cannot gain God’s blessings after my sacrifices. Hence my heart invariably filled with fear and restlessness of death.(“Lifting the Veil of Mystery on Death“)

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