Become A Man Who Fears God And Shuns Evil

become a man who fears God and shuns evil - christian quotes

Only if we become a man who fears God and shuns evil, can we transcend the bondage of death, living calmly and fearlessly, freely and unrestrainedly in God’s presence.

I found the source of my fear of death: It is because I do not understand God’s sovereignty, authority and power, much less am I willing to commit my future and destination into His hand completely and obey His sovereignty, ordination, orchestrations and arrangements. I always want to rule over my own fate. What’s more, with regard to my future and destiny, I have my personal motive and desire: I want to take my sacrifice and suffering as the bargaining stock for the glorious crown and wonderful blessings of heaven, fearing that I cannot gain God’s blessings after my sacrifices. Hence my heart invariably filled with fear and restlessness of death.(“Lifting the Veil of Mystery on Death“)

Facing Death, How to Regain Life and Happiness?
What Should We Do to Overcome Our Fear of Death?
A Symphony of My Fate

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