Short Christian Reflection: Feelings Got From the Story “Everyone Has 4 Wives”

Short Christian Reflection: Feelings Got From the Story “Everyone Has 4 Wives”

I read a story on the Internet.

A rich businessman had four wives. The fourth wife was his favorite, and he always gave her the best enjoyment; the third wife was his pride so he was always worried that she would run away with another man; the second wife was his bosom friend whom he would talk things over with whenever he encountered problems; the first wife was his faithful partner, yet he always neglected her.

When the rich man was about to leave the world, he asked his four wives if anyone of them would leave with him. The fourth wife refused him heartlessly and then walked off; the third wife told him she would marry another man after he died; the second wife said she would only send him to the graveyard; only his first wife was willing to accompany him forever.

Actually, each of us has ‘four wives.’ The fourth one refers to the flesh; the third one reputation, power and wealth; the second one the relative and friend; the first one the soul.

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