Entrust My Son to God

By Liu Yan

In the waiting hall hummed with conversation. The seats were full, and the air indoor was very muggy because of the high temperature and the amount of people. Liu Yan accompanied her son, and sat patiently waiting for the arrival of the train.

“When you are there give me a call, be careful when you are outside. The society is filled with all kinds of people, you have to be alert …” “Oh my! Mom, I’m not young anymore, why are you still treating me like a kid …” Hearing the conversation, Liu Yan turned to look. It was a mother sending her son to go outside of town for work. The mother was worried about her son’s safety, hence she told him to be careful repeatedly. Looking at the scene, Liu Yan thanked God in her heart. If not for the guidance of God’s words, she could not have sent her son at ease, but would have been very concerned like that mother as well. But now she found the way to get rid of anxiety.

waiting hall

A few days back, in the afternoon, Liu Yan’s son gave her a text from school: “Mom, I’m coming home tomorrow, leaving on the day after tomorrow.” Then he sent her two train tickets to other part of the country. Liu Yan realized her son was really going to leave for work this time, so her tears started to drop uncontrollably. Last year when her son told her he was going to work at the other part of the country, Liu Yan did not pay much attention to it, thinking her son was just paying lip service. She never thought this year her son was being serious. During this period Liu Yan spoke and discussed with her son numerous times, asking him to find a job near their house so that she could take care of him, but her son did not care. The only thing he wanted was work far from the house. She thought: The society is complicated, filled with all kinds of people, what if he gets cheated by bad guys. After all, he just graduated, he has no experience in those things and has never experienced any hardship. It will be hard to meet up since he is so far away. If he faces any difficulties, I cannot help him as well. At that time, Liu Yan had indescribable pain in her heart. So, she prayed to God, “God, what should I do? I’m so concerned about my son at the thought of him leaving me, but I can’t stop him. God, I’m willing to entrust this matter into Your hands. I hope You can help me.”

At this moment, Liu Yan recalled a passage of God’s words: “The life of man is entirely in God’s hands. Where a person can go and where he cannot go, what duty he may perform, where he lives every day, where he will live during what years, what else he will go do and for how many years, and at what points he will change life direction—all these things have been appointed by God in advance.” God’s words gave Liu Yan some comfort. That’s right. Wherever her son goes is not something she can decide; it’s all in God’s sovereignty and arrangements. It was her ignorance towards God’s sovereignty and arrangements that caused her to be in pain. Thinking of this, Liu Yan was relieved a little in her heart. As she packed her son essentials, she still could not stop worrying for her son. After all her son has never been to places so far away from home. Liu Yan still wanted to discuss with him again. As Liu Yan was being indecisive, she recalled another passage of God’s words: “When one reaches maturity, one is able to leave one’s parents and strike out on one’s own, and it is at this point that one truly begins to play one’s own role, that one’s mission in life ceases to be foggy and gradually becomes clear” “Why don’t you commit them into My hands? Do you not believe in Me enough? Or is it that you’re afraid I will make inappropriate arrangements for you?

These words enlightened Liu Yan’s heart a little. All of a sudden she felt she had her reliance, and that it was God who gave her comfort and reminder. She thought: My son is matured. God will give him the ability and space to live alone, as well as the ability to resolve and distinguish things. This is the process of growing up that God arranged for us. Everyone lives within the course established by God. No matter where he will go, he is under God’s control. No matter what kind of people he will face, there are God’s good intentions within it, and it is all beneficial for him. Why not put him into God’s hands! I’m so foolish and blind. I really do not understand God’s sovereignty. I always want to keep my son by my side, only when I’m taking care of him can I be rest assured. I’m of little faith, and my own concern is unworthy of mentioning compared to God’s protection for men.

Liu Yan couldn’t help but recall those times when she had car accidents on her way to sell goods. She almost fell into the ditch a few meters deep. When in danger she called out to God, and she was able to escape from danger by God’s protection. She experienced that God is everywhere, protecting and looking after her. She also realized when she was in trouble, her parents and relatives were not able to help her. Parents’ responsibilities are only to raise their children, but can’t give them the real protection they need. Parents were helpless when she was in danger. However, if not for God’s amazing rescue, she would have been dead in the car accident. She thought: Why am I still worried under God’s protection?! Just like God says: “God has had a responsibility toward man since the moment He created him. What is His responsibility? He has to protect man, to look after man. He hopes man can trust and obey His words.” “Whenever Satan corrupts man or engages in unbridled harm, God does not stand idly by, neither does He brush aside or turn a blind eye to those He has chosen. … He selects a family for you; what kind of background the family has, who your parents are, who your ancestors are—all this was already decided by God. In other words, these were not spur of the moment decisions made by Him, but rather this was a work begun long ago. Once God has chosen a family for you, He also chooses the date on which you will be born. Presently, God watches as you are born crying into the world, watches your birth, watches as you utter your first words, watches as you stumble and toddle your first steps, learning how to walk. First you take one step and then you take another … now you can run, now you can jump, now you can talk, now you can express your feelings. … In the process of growing up, you may encounter many things that are not to your liking, encounter illnesses and frustrations. But as you walk this road, your life and your future are strictly under God’s care. God gives you a genuine guarantee to last all your life, for He is right there beside you, guarding you and looking after you.

Liu Yan was moved by God’s words. She thought: God has had a responsibility toward man since the moment He created him. That we humans can live until today is all because of God’s protection and care. Everyone’s life has been meticulously planned by God, and everyone is led by God. No one can survive without God’s protection. God’s doings for men are all love and salvation. My son is also in His hands. No matter where he goes, he is always living in the eyes of God. At that moment, Liu Yan’s concern for her son eased a lot, and she felt released from the bottom of her heart. She realized God’s care and concern are more realistic and thoughtful compared to parents’. Thinking of this, Liu Yan’s concern and worry faded. On the contrary she was now more happy and delight to pack her son’s luggage …

The next day her son came back. Liu Yan happily prepared delicious food for him. She fellowshiped to her son that no matter what will happen he needs to rely on and look up to God. Her son accepted it willingly.

“Mom, the train is here. You can go back now. I will keep all that in mind, whatever you told and advised me …”

Liu Yan’s son’s words interrupted her thoughts. She nodded contentedly, watching her son get on the train. She got released from all her concern and worry because of God’s words’ guidance and leading …

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