How to Discern God’s Work and Man’s Work? (Part Two)

The Relevant Words of God Are as Follows:

Even a man used by the Holy Spirit cannot represent God Godself. This does not mean that just this man cannot represent God, but that the work he does cannot directly represent God. That is to say, man’s experience cannot be directly placed in God’s management, and ‘man’s experience’ cannot represent ‘God’s management.’ All the works God Godself does are the works he wants to do in his own management plan, which have to do with his great management. All the works done by men (the men used by the Holy Spirit) are to supply their own experiences, and to find out other ways of experience on the basis of the ways trodden out by the foregoers and lead other brothers and sisters under the leading of the Holy Spirit. All that these men supply is their own experiences or spiritual writings of spiritual men. The Church of Almighty GodAlthough they are used by the Holy Spirit, the works they do have nothing to do with the great management works in the six-thousand-year plan. They are only raised up by the Holy Spirit at different periods to lead the people in the stream of the Holy Spirit until the functions they can perform come to an end or until their life ends. The works they do are only to prepare suitable ways for God Godself or to continue one item in the management of God Godself on earth. These men cannot do any greater work in the management or open up any newer way, much less can any of them end all God’s work of the old age. So, the works they do only represent that they are performing their function as a created being, and they cannot represent God Godself to perform his ministry. For the works they do are different from the work God Godself does. The work of starting an age is not a work that can be done by man in God’s stead, and no one except God Godself can do such a work. Whatever work men do, they are performing their duty as a created being, and they do it under the moving or inspiration of the Holy Spirit. All that these men lead is about how people should practice and how they should act to God’s will in their daily life. The works done by men are unrelated to God’s management and do not represent the Spirit’s work. For example, all the works Witness Lee and Watchman Nee did were leading the way. Whether it was a new way or an old way, they did the works on the basis of not going beyond the principles in the Bible. Whether recovering or establishing the local church, they were building up the church. All that they did was to continue the works Jesus and the other apostles had not finished or deepened in the Age of the Grace. All the works they did, such as, practicing head-covering, baptizing, bread-breaking, or wine-drinking, were recovering what Jesus in his work at that time required people after him to do. It can be said that all their works were observing the Bible or looking for ways in the Bible and were without any new progress. So, from the works they did, people can only see that they discovered other new ways in the Bible or found better and more realistic practices in the Bible. However, people cannot find God’s present will from their works, much less find the newer work God will do in the end time, because the ways they walked were still the old ones, without renewal or progress. They were still holding on to the fact of ‘Jesus’ crucifixion,’ the practice of ‘asking people to repent and confess their sins,’ the saying that ‘he who endures to the end will be saved,’ the saying that ‘man is the head of woman and woman should submit to her husband,’ and even more the traditional notion that ‘a sister cannot teach but should only be a submissive person.’ If their such ways of leading continued, the Holy Spirit could never do any new work, never release people from regulations, and never lead people into a free and wonderful state. So, with this stage of work of changing the age, God has to do it personally and to speak personally. If not, no one can do it in his stead. At this point, all the work of the Holy Spirit outside this stream has stopped and gone no further, and all the men who were used by the Holy Spirit are at a loss. Therefore, the works done by the men used by the Holy Spirit and done by God Godself are different, and thus their identities and the ones they represent are different. This is all because the works the Holy Spirit wants to do through them are different, which determines that they, who both work, have different identities and positions. The men used by the Holy Spirit may also do some new works and abolish some works of the old age, but what they do still cannot express God’s disposition and will of a new age. They work just for abolishing the work of the old age, not for doing a new work to directly represent God’s own disposition. So, no matter how many old practices they may abolish or how many new practices they may bring, they still represent a man, a created being. But when God Godself works, he does not publicly declare that he will abolish the practices of the old age or directly declare that he will start a new age. He works in a straight way, directly doing the work he wants to do, that is, directly expressing the work he has brought and directly doing the work he originally intends to do and expressing his being and his disposition. In man’s eyes, his disposition is different from that in the former ages, and his work is also different from that in the former ages. But in his own eyes, he is only continuing the work and deepening the work. When God Godself works, he expresses his word and directly brings the new work, whereas when men work, they work through deliberation or study, or on the basis of others’ they deepen the knowledge and systematize the practice. That is to say, the substance of the works done by men is ‘following the set pattern’ and ‘walking the old way in new shoes.’ That is, even the ways walked by the men used by the Holy Spirit are based on the way God has opened up personally. So, man is man, and God is God.”

from “The Mystery of the Incarnation (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

You have to know how to distinguish between God’s work and man’s work. What can you see from man’s work? Man’s work has many elements of man’s experience, and what man expresses is what man is. When God works, he is also expressing what he is, but what he is is different from what man is. What man is represents man’s experiences and man’s life (what man has experienced or encountered in his life, or what philosophies of life he has), and the being expressed by men who live in different environments is different. Whether or not you have experienced the things of society and how you live and experience in your family can be seen from your expression. However, you cannot see from the work of God incarnate whether he has social experience. He knows man’s essence very well and can disclose all kinds of practices of all kinds of men and even more man’s corrupt disposition and disobedient acts; he does not live among the ‘worldly people,’ but he knows the nature of the ‘mortals’ and all the corruptions of the ‘worldly people.’ This is what he is. Although he has never contacted society, he knows the conventions and rules in dealing with the world, because he has fully known man’s nature. He can know the Spirit’s work that man’s eyes cannot see and man’s ears cannot hear, both of the present and of the past. Here is contained the wisdom which is not philosophy of life and the wonderfulness unfathomable to man. These are what he is, which is open to man and also hidden from man. What he expresses is not what an extraordinary man is but the original attributes and being of the Spirit. He does not travel to all the countries, but he knows the things of the entire world. He contacts the ‘anthropoids’ that have no knowledge and no insight, but he expresses words higher than knowledge and above great men. He lives among a group of obtuse and numb people who have no humanity and who do not know normal human rules or human life, but he can require mankind to live out a normal humanity, and at the same time he discloses mankind’s base and low humanity. All these are what he is, which is higher than what any fleshly man is. It is unnecessary for him to experience the complex, burdensome, and sordid social life before he can do the work he ought to do and thoroughly disclose the essence of corrupt mankind. The sordid social life cannot edify his flesh. His working and speaking is just to disclose man’s disobedience, not to supply man with experience and lessons of dealing with the world. He does not need to investigate society or investigate man’s family before he supplies man with life. His exposing and judging man is not to express the experiences of his flesh, but to disclose man’s unrighteousness after he has long known man’s disobedience and hated mankind’s corruption. All the work he does is making known his disposition and expressing his being to man. Such work can only be done by him, not by fleshly man. As far as his work is concerned, people cannot tell what kind of man he is. Nor can they classify him among created men according to his work or by what he is. Thus they can only class him among nonhuman beings, yet they do not know which category he should belong to, so they can only put him in the category of ‘God.’ It is not without reason that they do so, because he has done many works among them that man cannot do.”

from “God’s Work and Man’s Work” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The work done by God does not represent the experience of his flesh. The work done by man represents his own experience. Every man speaks about his own experience. God can directly express the truth, whereas man can only express the corresponding experiences after he has experienced the truths. God works without any regulations or being limited by time and geography. He can express what he is at any time and in any place, and he does his work freely. Man works under some conditions and some backgrounds. Otherwise, he cannot do any work and cannot express any knowledge of God or any experience of the truth. As to whether it is God’s work or man’s work, as long as you compare them, you will know the differences between them.”

from “God’s Work and Man’s Work” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

God is incarnated just to lead an age and start a new work. You must understand this. It is greatly different from man’s function, and you cannot mention these two things in the same breath. For men to work, they need to be trained and perfected for a long time before they can be used. And they need to have a very high humanity; they should not only be able to maintain a normal human sense, but even more have to understand many principles and rules of dealing with the world and acquire more human wisdom and ethical knowledge. These are what man should have. But God incarnate does not need to have these, because the work he does does not represent man and he does not do man’s work but directly expresses what he is and directly does the work he ought to do (of course, he does it when it is time to, and he does not work randomly but starts working when it is time to perform his ministry), and he does not participate in man’s life or in man’s work. In other words, he does not have these in his humanity (even so it does not affect his work), and he only performs his ministry when it is time to. Regardless of what his position is, he simply does the work he ought to do. Regardless of what people know about him or what they think of him, it does not affect his work.”

from “The Mystery of the Incarnation (3)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Christ’s work and Christ’s expression determine his substance. He can carry out the commission on his shoulders with a true heart, he can worship the God in heaven with a true heart, and he can seek the will of God the Father with a true heart. All these are determined by his substance. All his natural manifestation is also determined by his substance. The reason why it is called natural manifestation is that what he expresses is not imitation, not the result of man’s education, not the result of years of man’s training, not something acquired by himself, and not something he adorns himself with, but something he originally has.”

from “The Substance of Christ Is Obeying the Will of the Heavenly Father”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

If men did the work, it would be too limited, and they could only work man to a certain extent but could not bring man into the eternal destination. Men cannot decide man’s destiny, much less secure man’s future and future destination. But the work done by God is different from the work done by men. Since he created man, he will lead man. Since he saves man, he will save man thoroughly and gain man completely. Since he leads man, he can bring man into the proper destination. Since he created man and manages man, he will be responsible for man’s destiny and future. This is the work done by the Creator. Although the conquering work is accomplished by removing man’s future, in the end man will still be brought into the proper destination God has prepared for man.”

from “Recover Man’s Normal Life and Bring Man into the Pleasant Destination”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The work done by man has a scope and has limitations. A man can only do the work of a certain phase and cannot do the work of the entire age. Otherwise, he will lead people into a kind of regulations. The work done by man can only be applicable to a certain period or to a certain phase, because man’s experience has a scope; man’s work cannot be compared with God’s work. The ways man practices and the truths he knows are applicable in a certain scope. The way walked by man cannot be said to be completely the will of the Holy Spirit, because man can only be inspired by the Holy Spirit but cannot be completely filled with the Holy Spirit. The things man can experience are all within the scope of the normal humanity and cannot go beyond the scope of the normal human mind. All those who have practical expression experience within this scope. When they experience the truth, they are all experiencing their normal human life under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, not experiencing apart from their normal human life. They all experience the truths inspired by the Holy Spirit on the basis of living their human life, and such truths vary from person to person and their depth is related to their states. The way they walk can only be said to be the normal human life of a man who pursues the truth and the way walked by a normal man who has the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It cannot be said to be the way walked by the Holy Spirit. In the normal human experience, because the ones who pursue are different, the works the Holy Spirit does on them are also different. And because the circumstances and scopes they experience in are different, and because of the mixture of their minds and thinking, their experiences are mixed in different degrees. Everyone knows a certain truth according to their different conditions. The true meaning of the truth they know is not complete, but is only concerning one or several aspects of it. The scopes of the truth experienced by men are different because of their different conditions. Thus, the knowledge of the same truth expressed by different men is different. In other words, man’s experience is limited and cannot fully represent the will of the Holy Spirit. Man’s work cannot be considered to be God’s work, even if what man expresses is very much in accordance with God’s will, and even if man’s experience is very close to the perfecting work the Holy Spirit wants to do. Man can only be God’s servant and do the work committed by God. What man expresses can only be his knowledge under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the truths he gains through his personal experience. Man does not have the qualification or the condition to be the outlet of the Holy Spirit and is not entitled to say that the work he does is the work done by God. Man has man’s principles of working, and every man has different experiences and possesses different conditions. Man’s work includes all his experiences under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. These experiences can only represent what man is but do not represent what God is or the Holy Spirit’s will. Therefore, the way walked by man cannot be said to be the way walked by the Holy Spirit, because man’s work cannot represent God’s work and man’s work and experience are not completely the Holy Spirit’s will. The work done by man is prone to fall into a certain regulation, and the ways of his working are prone to be restricted to a limited scope and cannot lead people into a free way. And most of the followers live in a limited scope, and the ways of their experience are also within a limited scope. Man’s experience is limited, and his ways of working are only a few. His work cannot be compared with the work of the Holy Spirit or the work of God Godself, because man’s experience is limited after all. The work of God Godself, however it is done, is free from regulations. However it is done, it is not done in only one way or according to any regulations but in a free and released way. Regardless of how long people have followed, they cannot sum up any rules concerning his ways of working. Although his work has strict principles, it is always done in new ways and always has new progress, which is beyond man’s capacity. During one period God can do several different works and lead people in several different ways, so that people can always have new entering in and new transformation. You cannot find out any rules concerning his working, because he always works in new ways. Only thus will those who follow him not fall into regulations. The work done by God Godself always shuns man’s notions and counters man’s notions. Only those who follow him with a true heart and who pursue him with a true heart can be transformed in their disposition and live in a free way, not being bound by any regulations or restricted by any religious notions. When man works, he makes requirements of people according to his own experience and what he himself can achieve. The standard of these requirements is restricted to a certain scope, and the ways of practice are also very limited. So, the followers unconsciously live within a limited scope. As time goes on, they become regulations and rituals. … The work done by God is not according to man’s flesh and man’s thinking, counters man’s notions, and is not mixed with vague religious color. The results of his work cannot be achieved by a man who has not undergone his perfecting and are beyond the reach of man’s mind.”

from “God’s Work and Man’s Work” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

All God’s works or words that concern mankind’s destination deal with them properly according to their substance, without any mistake, much less the slightest error. Only man’s work will be mixed with man’s emotion or man’s will; God’s work is always most proper, and he will never frame any created being.”

from “God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

Find the Shepherd

Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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