My Child Has Only One Kidney but Is Healthy

Snow, a lady who was as pure as her name, had dreamed to have a happy and satisfactory family where she could care for her husband and children and enjoy family happiness from her girlhood. At the age of twenty-five, she married her Mr Right, a romantic and thoughtful person. After marriage, Snow got along well with her parents-in-law and her husband. Under their tender care, Snow lived in happiness.

Enveloped in the happiness, the family expected a lovely child to complete their family. As they wished, Snow, loving children much, got pregnant, which gave her much delight and excitement. Since then, her family took greater care of her, treating her like a treasure. As Snow’s confinement was approaching, she became more and more anxious for her baby’s birth. Because of the morning sickness, she felt some discomfort, but at the thought of the baby, she felt it was worthwhile enduring it.

However, things didn’t always turn out as was wished. A few days before the due date, Snow had an ultrasound scan. Unexpectedly, the result showed that the baby had hydronephrosis. The doctor advised her to have an abortion. When hearing that, Snow felt like she was struck by a lightning bolt and reached a low point. She couldn’t believe the fact, unwilling to lose the baby she had expected for a long time. Her heart was weeping, tears blurring her eyes. Seeing Snow crying unceasingly, her husband said pityingly, “Don’t worry. Let’s go to a large hospital for a second examination.” His advice gave her a slight hope, but later the reality struck her heart again. “You’d better have an abortion. The baby’s illness couldn’t be cured easily.” With the doctor’s words keeping rising inside her head, she didn’t know how she went home. Seeing “Renal Cyst” on her test sheet, Snow couldn’t hold back her tears and cried aloud, “Why is this happening? Why? Why? …” Seeing her very miserable, her mother and mother-in-law comforted her, “You both are still young and can have another baby in future. You should listen to the doctor.” “No! I don’t want to give up the baby!” Snow said repeatedly with great sadness. Seeing this, her family fell in depression and helplessness.

In the following days, Snow cried all day long, living in great pain. Laughter and joy in her family disappeared, replaced by heartbreaking sobs. When Snow touched her protuberant belly, and felt that her baby was in there, she no longer felt happy but only felt a heartrending pain. Her eyes were swollen with crying. She often said, “I’m not gonna have the abortion.” Seeing her becoming more and more haggard, her family were all worried yet could do nothing but respect her decision. Once, Snow’s relative came to see her and brought her a book. The relative read a passage of words in the book: “From the moment you come crying into this world, you begin to perform your duty. You assume your role in the plan of God and in the ordination of God. You begin the journey of life. Whatever your background and whatever the journey ahead of you, none can escape the orchestration and arrangement that Heaven has in store, and none are in control of their destiny, for only He who rules over all things is capable of such work” (“God Is the Source of Man’s Life”). God’s words comforted Snow’s broken heart and brought light to her. Her relative said, “Everything of man is in God’s hands and is arranged and predestinated by Him.” Snow thought: It’s true. Through my own experience, I’ve truly seen that our fate is not controlled by ourselves; I’ve always hoped that I could form a family and have my own baby, enjoying the happiness of the family life; but all my dreams shattered overnight despite my plans and arrangements. Turns out that everything, including the fate of me and my baby, is in God’s hands.

From God’s word, Snow, in agony, found something to rely on. She thought: Yes. I should entrust my baby to God and let Him take charge; I’ll submit to His arrangements and orchestrations. Then Snow took the book and accepted God as her Lord. At that moment, she felt that the burden of grief was lifted suddenly. Later, the baby was born smoothly. At that time, even the doctor couldn’t believe this. “What a miracle!” said he in surprise. “Though the baby only has one kidney, he is very healthy.” When hearing the doctor, Snow couldn’t help shedding tears of gratefulness, for she knew that it is God who gives the baby life. This really confirms God’s words, “God is the source of man’s life.

family_mother_childOne day, Snow read a passage of God’s words: “Since the day man came into existence, God has been steady in His work, managing this universe and directing the change and movement of all things. Like all things, man quietly and unknowingly receives the nourishment of the sweetness and rain and dew from God. Like all things, man unknowingly lives under the orchestration of God’s hand. The heart and spirit of man are held in the hand of God, and all the life of man is beheld in the eyes of God. Regardless of whether or not you believe this, any and all things, living or dead, will shift, change, renew, and disappear according to God’s thoughts. This is how God rules over all things” (“God Is the Source of Man’s Life”). She had a deep appreciation of these words, for she had seen God’s wondrous deeds from her baby’s illness. She clearly knew that she couldn’t do anything to save her baby and that her baby’s life completely came from God. She also appreciated God’s great love for her: Without God’s salvation, she would forever live in the pain brought by her baby’s illness; without God’s salvation, she would never be happy in the rest of her life. At these thoughts, Snow thanked God from the bottom of her heart.

Later, to express her gratitude for God’s giving the life to her baby, Snow named him “Xiaoying,” which means welcoming God’s day happily. From then on, their home was often filled with singing of praising God and the fellowship about truth. Thanks to God’s grace, the sorrow in her family finally turned into joy.

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