Child, Please Say Goodbye to Video Games

This is a story about a mother and her son. The mother tried many ways to help her son get rid of the control of video games for his healthy growth, but all these ways are in vain. In modern society, evil trends such as video games occur continually. Many children fall into them and live in virtual worlds. Gradually, there are only video games in children’s world. They show no interest in the real world. Because of playing games, some children die suddenly, some imitate violent scenes in the games, which causes irretrievable harm to themselves and people around them, some even neglect their studies, and thus face a dark and gloomy future. … It can be seen that video games are invisible killers that entrap children and ruin their future and life. Since video games bring so great harm to them, why are there still so many children addicted to video games? This reminds me of God’s words: “when people play games for a long time, their willpower would evaporate. The unbelievers have a word to describe this. What is it? It is ‘decadence.’ How do we understand this word ‘decadence’? Always playing games, always playing on the computer—this kind of person is decadent. ‘Decadence’ is a word of the unbelievers. We say that this person has no normal humanity. They have been filled with the violence and killing of these games and with the things of virtual worlds. These games have stripped away the things of normal humanity, filled and forcibly occupied these people, and forcibly occupied any room they have for thought; they are then decadent. The unbelievers don’t like these kinds of people either. But in this world of the unbelievers now, these young people have no way to turn, their teachers can do nothing with them; there is nothing any country’s education system can do about this trend except comply, and their parents are unable to control them.

The devil Satan does these things in order to lure people, to cause them to degenerate. For those who live in virtual worlds, they have no interest whatsoever in anything to do with the life of normal humanity; they are not in the mood to work or study. They are only concerned about going to virtual worlds, as though they are being enticed by something. American scientists who have conducted research into people who play games have found that, as soon as someone gets on the computer to play a game and when they enter into a game, their brains start to secrete something that makes them somewhat delusional. After this thing has been secreted, they then become addicted to playing games and are always thinking about playing them. The second they get bored or are sitting idle, or when they are doing some real work, at their job or when it’s time to study, they want to play games instead, and playing games gradually becomes their whole life. Playing games is like a kind of drug. Once someone starts to play them, once they enter into them, then it becomes hard to get back out and hard to quit. So regardless of whether it is young people or older people, once they catch this bad habit, it becomes difficult to give it up.

God’s words have revealed that games are one of the evil trends Satan uses to corrupt man. Once children start to play them, it will be very difficult for them to get rid of. God says, “In this evil age, in this age infested by unclean spirits and devils, you should pray for God’s kindness, pray that God’s protection will often be with you, that He looks after you and protects you, that your heart doesn’t leave God. You should strive to use your heart and your honesty to worship God. Isn’t it a right path to follow?” Only God loves us most. Only by constantly living in the presence of God can we see through and stay away from these evil trends and grow peacefully and happily.

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