Children Are a Gift From God

Children Are a Gift From God

My son is not my private property but a gift from God. So his life’s journey is not arranged by me but by God.

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Creator Prepares Many Things That We Can’t Lose

How should we know God’s love from the creation He prepares for us that we can’t lose?


Hardships Make You Stronger

Resilient vitality can hardly come from an easy life. Actually, only hardships make us stronger.


Can We Obtain Happiness Through Pursuing a Superior Life?

Is being rich and living in great luxury really a happy life? No! The true happiness comes from God.

The Secret to Easy Life

The Secret to Easy Life

We live in pain because of our pursuit of fame and gain. Only by obeying God’s orchestration and arrangements for our fate can we lead an easy life.


Bidding Farewell to the Days of Struggling by Ourselves

Since childhood, she has been trying to change her fate depending on her efforts. But now, she no longer banks on herself. Do you know who has changed her mind?


Learn to Get Help From God

Do you know why we always failed when we relied on our ability and went all out to do things? For we forgot to rely on God.


How Should I Respond When I’m Betrayed by My Friend?

To return evil for evil is often a common response to betrayal. When I was betrayed by my friend of 10 years, I wanted to retaliate first, but later I was relieved in this way …


She No Longer Detested Her Bald-headed Dad!

Influenced by the view “judging by appearances,” she detested her bald Dad. But after she remembered some God’s words, she changed her mind, and then she was proud of her Dad instead.

Entrust Interview to God

Entrust Interview to God

I had an interview the following day, but I still didn’t come up with a plan. After I prayed to God, I understood that what God arranges for me is always good. I should obey His sovereignty and arrangements no matter the result of the interview.