There is a love that is called “pain.”

There Is a Love That Is Called Pain

There is a love that is called pain. Perhaps you are competent, but you are always serving others, while someone else who is very cowardly has been taken care of. … Read More There Is a Love That Is Called Pain


The Value of the Desert

The desert is created by God and its existence possesses of extraordinary significance.

Seek After the Truth

We Should Make It Our Goal to Seek After the Truth

A temporary meeting was a reminder from God, which made me see through Satan’s temptation and understand what to pursue to live out a most meaningful life while we believe in God.

Getting Out of the Trouble Needs to Cooperate With God

How to obtain God’s leading when you’re in troubles? My experience: cooperating with God is very important.

tea tree

God’s Love Behind the Wonderful Uses of Tea Tree

From the wonderful uses of the tea tree, I saw God’s authority and experienced His love for mankind.


Who Controls Man’s Life, Death and Fate?

None of us is able to control our lives and deaths in our fleeting life. Only God’s authority governs our lives, deaths and fates.


Obey God’s Sovereignty, Live Out the Real Human Life

Only if we return to God, accept and obey His sovereignty and arrangements for our fates can we live out the real human life!

Creat a Happy Life

Fail to Creat a Happy Life With My Own Hands

By Hong Ju It’s sad that a top will keep spinning by itself if you spin it and weigh it, but once it stops, it will fall down and cannot … Read More Fail to Creat a Happy Life With My Own Hands

Happiness Lies in Contentment

Happiness Lies in Contentment

What should we do if we always feel miserable because of discontent? We should understand that happiness lies in contentment.


How to Live a Meaningful Life

My mother’s life makes me understand: Life is short. It’s meaningless to pursue fame and fortune, and only seeking the truth can make life meaningful.