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The Same Youth and the Different Ways of Life

Could we only spend our youth in eating, drinking and enjoying ourselves? How can we escape empty life and find the value and meaning of life?


Ordinary Job Is Ruled and Predestined by God

If we were arranged for another ordinary job, how should we truly obey God’s sovereignty? Let’s listen to her experience.

God’s Creation - The Pine Has Many Marvelous Effect

God’s Creation – The Pine Has Many Marvelous Effect

The small pines have so many uses, and they are all the miraculous creation of God. There’s also God’s love behind them.


God’s Love Behind Tiny Grass That You Don’t Expect

Behind the continuation of the life of the tiny grass, there is God’s sovereignty and predestination as well as God’s love that you don’t expect.


The Loss and Gain of belief in God

Because of our belief in God, we lose the chance to revel in the pleasures of the flesh, but feel at ease in our hearts. And what we gain is much more precious than what we lose.

Knowing God

Knowing God Can Help Us Shake Off Worries

The root of worries is that we don’t know God. Only when we know God’s authority and sovereignty can we gain true freedom and release, and shake off worries.

Though I Have Acne, My Life Isn’t Uncertain

I often worried that I couldn’t find a job because of the pimples on my face. However, I felt released after I accepted God’s gospel, understood the root of the problem and learned to obey God’s sovereignty and arrangements.

Material Pleasures Cannot Bring True Happiness

Christian Perception: Beer and skittles cannot free me from the emptiness. Only by believing in God and pursuing the truth can I gain true happiness.

jasmine, God’s Sovereignty

Obey God’s Sovereignty, Ordinary But Wonderful

Two nondescript flowers can hardly draw people’s eyes, but they obey God’s sovereignty and grace the world. I’d like to obey God’s sovereignty like nondescript flowers and live out my wonderful life.


Obeying God’s Sovereignty As Opposed to Being Fixated on Glamour

Life is too short. As opposed to being fixated on status and reputation, we should obey God’s sovereignty and accept His arrangements.