The Rough Path of Life Perfects Our Faith

Don’t be afraid of ups and downs of life. God uses this to perfect our faith.

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Christian Inspiration: I No Longer Hold the Point of View “I’ll Determine My Marriage”

A disease made my marriage go in another way. In God’s words, I understand why I couldn’t control my marriage and I no longer hold the point of view “I’ll determine my marriage.”

A Key Helps You Find the Secret of Happiness

The happy life that she gave her eyeteeth for has never came true even though she kept seeking it. Thus, she was full of complaint in her heart. Not until she understood from God’s words what true happiness was did she have a correct goal in her pursuit.

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Which One is More Beneficial for Us, Comfort or Suffering?

We all like comfort and hate suffering. However, which one is more beneficial for us, comfort or suffering? This article gives us the answer.

How to Coordinate With Others Harmoniously?

She often couldn’t get along well with her partner because of different opinions. After hearing the share of the brothers and sisters, she found the way of achieving harmonious coordination.

Woman, Sea,Stop Complaints About Life

Stop Complaining About Life

There is God’s goodwill behind everyone’s life. Stop complaining and submit to God’s sovereignty and arrangements, you’ll get what you didn’t expect to have.


Who Bestowed Wonderful Effects Upon Various Herbal Medicines?

Many insignificant flowers and herbs have wonderful effects, who bestowed such effects upon them?

two women, get along with others, Ask Others to Listen to Us

Is It Right to Ask Others to Listen to Us?

About Getting along with others: Is it right to ask others to listen to us when there are disagreements? Read this article, and you’ll get the answer.


God’s Love Is Hidden in the Little Plants

In fact, in various herbs that serve us is hidden God’s love for us. Discover more of God’s marvelous deeds and experience His true love of mankind.

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How Should Christians Treat Rowdy Tenants?

How should Christians treat rowdy tenants? Let’s read her experience …