Good Presents From God: Marine Products

The sea nurtures abundant and plentiful marine products. They are God’s beautiful creation. Thank God for giving us so good presents.

Her recipe for happiness

She Was No Longer Distressed Because of Being Short

After understanding the truth that God rules over everything, she no longer felt self-abased and distressed because of being short.

Creator’s Creation

A Journey to Lake Albano: Sense of the Beauty of the Creator’s Creation

During the day trip to Lake Albano, I felt the beauty of all things the Creator created.

Seeking Money Is Not Happy

A Life Spent Seeking Money Is Not Happy

The life of her father-in-law spent seeking money and fortune only left him at a loss in the face of disease, and he could only await death, which made her reflect on how to live a meaningful life.

so hopeless and helpless

There Is a Time to Sickness and Death

This article is about the reflections on the law of birth, aging, sickness, and death. After reading it, you will no longer be afraid of facing such an orbit of fate.

Decocting Herb

Great Benefits of Natural Herbs

After experiencing the medicinal effects of herbs many times, I finally understood God’s true meaning in speaking “Everything He did was for the sake of mankind.”


A Running Farmer: An Endless Desire

The story of A Running Farmer tells that a farmer forfeited his life only by his greedy desires. How many people doing the same stupid things like him in reality?

Little Spider

Little Spider, God’s Great Wisdom

Spiders’ unique instincts and wisdom that God bestowed on them surprise us. All things created by God are really wonderful.

organic farm

Feeling Beauty of Farm

She saw a marvelous scene—various animals and plants complemented each other and depended on one another. She couldn’t help marveling at the miraculousness of the Creator’s creation.)

fresh fragrance of the young leaves

Reflections After Watching the Grass on the Balcony One Morning Early

There’s no water or soil on the balcony, yet a blade of grass could push its way up through the cement with its tenacious vitality. It really was unbelievable!