After He Was Misunderstood ...

After He Was Misunderstood …

Misunderstood by his colleague, Fang Xing was aggrieved and miserable. But later, he gained relief. Then who was it that comforted his pain?


How Can We Honestly Face the Mistakes in Our Work?

Faced with her mistakes at work, in the beginning Tianlin dared not admit her mistakes for the sake of her self-image and interests, but later she could face them calmly. So, what happened?


How to Root Out Causes of Prejudice Toward Others

When we cannot get along with brothers or sisters, how to root out the causes of our prejudice toward others?


Experience of a 13 Years Old Christian Practicing to Be Honest

God likes the honest. So when I practiced to be honest according to God’s word, I not only changed my bad habit of copying homework, but also tasted the happiness of being an honest person.

I Have Learnt How to Pair Up With Others at Work

I Have Learnt How to Pair Up With Others at Work

How to pair up with others? It has always been a hard problem in teamwork. Thank God for helping me find the correct remedy to the problem.

Want to Get Along Well? Humble Yourself.

Want to Get Along Well? Humble Yourself.

God’s words changed me and taught me to humble myself. Now I can get along well with my family and colleagues.

I Live an Easy Life When I Rely on God

I used to solve difficulties of life on my own, living wearily. But after believing in God, I rely on God and obey His orchestration, and live an easy life.

Get Rid of Jealousy Easily

Put God’s Word Into Practice, Get Rid of Jealousy Easily

It was God’s word made me no longer envy my colleague who was highly regarded by our boss. Now I live freely, and also see God’s blessings.

Cosmetologist’s Experience: Drop Pursuit of Money, I Feel at Ease

Strove to be rich, but in vain … God’s word guided me to drop the pursuit of money. When I entrusted my job to God, I saw God’s blessings.


God Really Does Have a Purpose Behind Your Problems!

Shuffled to the department I dislike, I thought it’s a problem. But after I became submissive, I found God had a purpose behind it.