Change Your Mind and Play Well the Supporting Role

She has been an actress for several years. However, it pained her that her screen appearances were less than a new actress in a new film. Let’s see how she changed her mind and willingly played a supporting role.


Faith Comes From Experience

Although she encountered various difficulties while living abroad, it was these hardships that perfected her faith in God.


How to Cast Out the Beam From My Eye

The Lord Jesus said, “And why behold you the mote that is in your brother’s eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye?” (Mat 7:3). I understood how to experience these words when I got along with my colleague.

The Haze of Jealousy Disappeared

At first, I was jealous of my colleague. Later, I found out the path of practice to resolve jealousy through watching some short videos, and my heart was relieved and free.


Find the Way to Resolve My Jealousy – Christian Testimony

I used to be jealous of my partner and couldn’t get along with her, but now we become close friends that keep no secrets from each other. It’s because I’ve found the way to resolve my jealousy.


I Experienced God’s Wondrous Deeds While Looking for a Job

Faced with the same interviewer in the same company, why did I fail the job interview the first time, but success the second time after a few days?


How to Get On Well With New Partner

She had a new partner. Let’s see how they changed their incompatible relationship and became close friends.

Christian Experience- Face My Defects Calmly

Christian Experience: Face My Defects Calmly

By Xia Tian Xia Tian has been vainglorious and cared much about face since she was a child. She regards such thoughts and views as her life philosophies and mottos: … Read More Christian Experience: Face My Defects Calmly


After Being Honest …

When she fretted over next month’s rent, she found a wallet by chance. Did she turn in to the owner or take it as her own? Let’s see how she made the choice.

Overcome Jealousy

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Overcome Jealousy

After knowing the leader promoted Xiaoli, I couldn’t help but felt jealous of Xiaoli and suffered a lot. When I conduct myself according to God’s words, I overcome jealousy.