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Witness in Workplace: Find Good Job Through Being Honest

She practiced being honest in job hunting but met failures. Her relatives urged her to hide the truth. What was her choice?


How to Keep Up Friendship When Involving Interests

Do you have a conflict of interest with your friend? In this situation, have you ever considered how to treat your friend?

Love others

How to End Silent Treatment With Best Friend

How can we solve the conflict between friends caused by different living habits? The main character of this article shows you a way of practice.


Inspiration From Frustrations in Career

After struggling for over ten years, I realized that whether one is rich or poor is predetermined by God.

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Interpersonal Relationships No Longer Bother Me

If we cannot control our bad temper, our interpersonal relationships might get worse. Only by solving the basic cause can we improve our interpersonal relationships.

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God’s Words Lead Me out of Degenerate Life of Following Stars

Having been following stars crazily, I almost neglected my studies. When I was addicted to it and couldn’t extricate myself from it, God’s words changed me, so that I lived a normal life.

Story Happens in Restauran

Story Happens in Restaurant: Interaction With Colleague

When your colleague always harm your interests, what should you do if you still want to get along well with her?

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Not Relying on Beautiful Appearance, I Enhanced Performance at Work

Don’t rely on beautiful appearance to enhance performance at work. The important thing is to rely on God in all things and act according to God’s requirements.

to be the light and the salt_followed the Lord’s word

Practice the Lord’s Teachings: Gains From Changing Seats

To love others as we love ourselves is the Lord Jesus’ teachings of Christians. Let’s see how she triumphed over selfishness and practiced the Lord’s words in changing seats in the office.

How Christian Solved Jealousy at Work

How Christian Solved Jealousy at Work

How to solve the pain brought by being jealous of colleagues? Christians of loving stage will help you.