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Christian Marriage: How to Let Go of Hatred of Husband

When I lived in hatred of my husband and couldn’t let go of it, God’s words showed me the way, and now, I no longer hate him but feel steadfast.

Learning to Understand, I Can Deal With My Marriage Calmly

My husband showed little regard for me due to busy work, and we often had quarrels over this. But later, I learned to understand him and our relationship has got better with the guidance of God’s words.

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How to Seek God’s Will as Christians When Choosing a Spouse?

How should we Christians choose our spouses? I’d like to share with you some principles of practice in this article and hope that they can help you resolve your difficulty.


It Is Very Easy for Spouses to Get Along With Each Other

What strength ends the quarrels between a wife and a husband for most of their lives. Through this article, we learn the secret to getting a harmonious family.

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How to Treat Children’s Marriage

As parents, if children’s partner did not accord with our will, how should we treat that?

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Domestic Harmony Is No Longer a Dream

Do you feel physically and emotionally exhausted or miserable because of family conflict? The experience of the main character in this article may help you resolve this problem.

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How to Resolve Blended Family Problem?

A blended family had long been at each other’s throats. As a Christian, how did she turn her family into harmony?


Transformation of My Husband: He Plays Mahjong No More

Under the guidance of God’s words, my husband plays mahjong no more. My family regains happiness.

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How Should I Experience It When My Husband Had an Affair?

Our relationship got worse after my husband had an affair. But under the guidance of God’s words, we were finally reconciled with each other.

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Christian Marriage – God’s Words Got My Husband Back

Christian Marriage – After my husband’s promotion, he gradually fell into the evil trend. The past happy marriage was on the brink of breaking down. Fortunately, God’s words got my husband back and saved our marriage.