Mom and daughter are very happy

I Have Found the Right Way to Help My Extremely Shy Child

My daughter was very shy and unsociable. Worried about her future, I tried many methods to help her overcome cowardice but all failed. Later, God’s words showed me the right path.

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After She Relied on God to Educate Her Son, Everything Became Easy

Her strict upbringing causes her son to rebel. Their relationship becomes strained. But after she relies on God and changes the way she educates her son, everything becomes easy.

Mom and daughter reading books

It’s Great to Teach Children According to God’s Words

For my daughter’s bright future, I put much pressure on her to study, so she grew ever more distant from me. After I turned to God, I realized it’s great to teach children according to God’s words.

Mom reads to her son

How to Educate the Son Who Likes Playing Games

Her 9-year-old son plays games and watches TV, and often tells lies and contradicts her. As a mother, how should she educate her child?

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Daughter’s Depression Is Cured Due to Change in Educational Way

My daughter suffered from depression because of my wrong way to educate her. Through reading God’s words, I changed my wrong way and my daughter has recovered from illness.

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Do You Want to Be Closer to Kids? Read it

Do you worry about your naughty kids? Don’t worry, one tip helps you get along with your kids.

Educate my daughter

I Finally Found the Right Way to Educate Children

How to educate children had been a major concern for me. However, through reading God’s word, I found the most right way to educate children. Now my kid and I both feel happy.

mother and son, Relate Well to Children

3 Ways to Relate Well to Children

What should we do when we cannot relate well to our children? This article provides three ways to this problem.

mother and son, educate children

Easily Educate Children by Following God’s Word

Why couldn’t I relate well to my son? How should I educate him? God’s word has given me the answer. As long as we follow God’s word to educate children, we won’t feel hard about it any longer.

The Best Way to Stop the Children’s Quarrel

The Best Way to Stop the Children’s Quarrel – Christian Experience

By Xia Tian Through the windows and blinds the silvery moonlight filtered into the bedroom. Xiadong opened her dry and sleepy eyes a little. She took a look at her … Read More The Best Way to Stop the Children’s Quarrel – Christian Experience