What Does 144,000 Overcomers Prophesied in the Bible Refer To?

What is an overcomer? How will 144,000 overcomers prophesied in the Bible be produced? This article will tell you the answers.

The Great White Throne Judgement in the Bible

The Great White Throne Judgement in the Bible Is Fulfilled This Way

I always thought the great white throne judgement means the Lord sitting upon a great white throne in the sky and judging man, but only after some discussion did I know it means God expressing words to judge man.

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How Christians Should Deal With Bible Prophecies

The Pharisees defined the fulfillment of Bible prophecies according to their imagination and thus resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus. How should we deal with Bible prophecies properly today and welcome the Lord’s return?

Parable of the Ten Virgins

The Path for the Wise Virgins to Attend the Feast

What are the wise virgins? What is the path of success for wise virgins to attend the wedding feast of the Lamb? Please read this article to get the answers.

Jesus Christ Return,Christian fellowship

Discussion: How Will Jesus Christ Return in the Last Days?

How will Jesus Christ return in the last days? A discussion made these Christians understand the mysteries of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

the word of God

Why Does God Take Different Names in Different Ages?

The name of God was Jehovah in the Age of Law, and Jesus in the Age of Grace. Why does God take different names? Here is the mystery. You’re welcome to read this article.

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What Does “Pre-Tribulation Rapture” Mean? How Can We Be Overcomers?

How can we Christians be raptured before the tribulation? How can we become overcomers? Read this article to get the answers.

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Who Can Be Raptured Into the Heavenly Kingdom When Christ Returns?

Can those who are saved by faith enter into the heavenly kingdom? What kind of people can be raptured into the heavenly kingdom? This article will tell you the answers.

Christian Devotional,Daily Bible Reading

3 Christian Devotional Principles Help You Be Closer to God

Spiritual devotion is the way of practice for Christians to establish a proper relationship with God. Grasp these three devotional principles and you will be closer to God.

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Why Does Jesus Christ Say the Bible Doesn’t Contain Eternal Life?

Some Christians believe they can gain eternal life through reading the Bible often. But why does Jesus Christ say the Bible doesn’t contain eternal life? How can Christians gain eternal life?