A Mystery Revealed: There Is Still God’s Word Outside the Bible

Is there really no God’s word outside the Bible? Is anything that exceeds the Bible a heresy? Through fellowshiping the truth, she got the answers and followed the footsteps of the Lamb.


Are There Words Spoken by God That Are Not in the Bible?

Are there God’s words outside the Bible? After a discussion, they understood they shouldn’t confine God’s words to the Bible.

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Are There Errors in the Bible? How to Treat the Bible?

I found many errors in the Bible when I read the Bible. Through seeking, I finally know how to treat the Bible correctly.

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Gains From Reading the Bible: The Bible Isn’t Entirely God’s Word

For too long, I believed that the Bible is the word of God, but I found my viewpoint was wrong when reading the Bible.

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Bible Secrets Revealed: Are There Any Errors in the Bible?

Xiaojing Facts about Bible you must know I began to read the Bible since I believed in the Lord. From the Bible, I knew a lot of work that God … Read More Bible Secrets Revealed: Are There Any Errors in the Bible?

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A Discussion – A New Understanding of the Bible

Is there any God’s word outside the Bible? Does the scroll recorded in the Book of Revelation refer to the Bible? I got the answer after a discussion.


Not Only God’s Words but Man’s Words are in the Bible

Through a Bible study, I understood: Not only God’s words, but man’s words, Satan’s words are in the Bible.


I Believe in God Not the Bible

I once thought that believing in God is believing in the Bible, we can’t believe in God without the Bible. A fortuitous meeting helped me realize my thought was wrong.

Is God’s Work Done According to the Bible

Is God’s Work Done According to the Bible?

Is God’s Work Done According to the Bible? After Fellowship, I understood God comes first and then the Bible. God’s work precedes the records of God’s work.


Should Believers in God Never Stray From the Bible?

Many of us think since we believe in God, we cannot leave the Bible, or it is betraying God. However, does believing in the Bible equal believing in God?