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What Is True Faith? Do You Have True Faith in God?

What is faith? Let’s appreciate the meaning of true faith from the stories of the Bible characters Moses and Job.

Moses divided the Red Sea

How Should We Rely on God in Crisis?

This article tells you the stories of how Moses and David relied on God and witnessed God’s deeds, which can inspire your faith, and help you rely on God in crisis and gain God’s help.

The faith of the Canaanite woman to the Lord Jesus

What Is True Faith?

What is true faith? Why did the Lord Jesus say the faith of the Canaanite woman and the centurion was great? This article will give you the answer.

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What Is Faith and How to Have True Confidence in God

True faith means that when our mind and body endure great suffering, we still persevere in believing in and obeying God. Then how can Christians have true confidence in God?

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Why Should We Believe in God? How Do We Believe in God?

Many people believe in God, but few understand the meaning of faith in God. This article will tell you why we should believe in God.

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4 Aspects of Practice to Attain the Fear of God

Since we believe in God, it is vital for us to truly fear God. Grasp these four ways of practice and we can attain the fear of God and be praised by God.

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Grasp 3 Tips and You Will Be a Person Who Can Exalt God as Great

It is very important to be a person who can exalt God as great in our belief in Him. Three ways of practice in this article help you be such a person after God’s will.

How Did He Keep Faith in God When Unhappy Things Happened

How Did He Keep Faith in God When Unhappy Things Happened

He expended for the Lord, and why did he still encounter unhappy things? How did he keep faith in God in unhappy things? Through fellowship, he got the answer.

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What Is Faith in God? Has Your Faith Been Approved by God?

What is faith in God? On the one hand, having faith in God means walking in the way of God and worshiping God with heart and with honesty; on the other hand …

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What Should Christians Do When Encountering Unfortunate Things?

Two tips in this article will tell you how to experience unfortunate things to better conform to God’s will.