Does Science Bring Man Real Happiness?

By Huanxiao

With the advance in science, the progress of society, and the convenient transport in all directions, we can buy all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meat we want. Life is getting better and better, and our appetites have been greatly satisfied. However, under such good living conditions, the health of us becomes worse and worse. Now, various illnesses, such as cerebral hemorrhages, cerebral thrombosis, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, have all become common illnesses among us. In the past, high blood pressure and diabetes were rare and awful diseases, but now even cancer has become a commonplace, for there are so many people with illnesses around us. For example, my mother has suffered from diabetes for several years; my father has had high blood pressure for many years; my aunts also have illnesses, of whom one has high blood pressure, one suffers the complications of diabetes such as uremia, cataracts and so on, going blind recently, and another one has got liposuction because of obesity; my neighbors have cold hands and feet, and suffer leg pains and high blood pressure; some people in my village died of cerebral hemorrhage; my colleague’s brother-in-law, around age thirty, was a health nut but died suddenly while taking a bath. … There are so many examples of this. As the life is better now and our appetites are being more and more satisfied, why does our health become worse and worse?


God’s words reveal the answer: “However, due to societal developments in recent years, due to the so-called social advancements, as well as improvements in transport and communications connecting the north and south and east and west, people in the north are also able to eat some fruits, local specialties or vegetables from the south, even all year round. That way, even though people are able to satisfy their appetites and material desires, their bodies are unwittingly subjected to different levels of harm. This is because among the food God prepared for mankind, there are foods and fruits and vegetables suitable for people in the south, as well as foods and fruits and vegetables suitable for people in the north. That is, if you were born in the south, eating things from the south is very suitable for you. God prepared these foods and fruits and vegetables because the south has a particular climate. The north has food that is needed for the bodies of people in the north. But because people have gluttonous appetites, they have been unwittingly swept up in the tide of societal developments, making them unwittingly violate such laws. Even though people feel their lives are now better, such a societal advancement brings a hidden harm to more people’s bodies. This is not what God wants to see and was not what God originally intended when He brought all things and these foods, fruits and vegetables to mankind. This was completely caused by mankind violating the laws of nature and carrying out scientific developments, and has nothing to do with God.

What does the current market economy bring to people? People’s lives seem to be better, transport in all directions has become really convenient, and people can eat all kinds of fruits in any of the four seasons of the year. People in the north are often able to eat bananas and any food, local specialty or fruit from the south. But this is not the life God wants to give mankind. This was brought on by mankind’s scientific developments. What this market economy has brought to the human body is a violation of the normal laws of natural growth. What it has brought is harm and disaster, not happiness. Understand?” (“God Himself, the Unique VIII”).

From these words we can see: When we develop science and satisfy our gluttonous appetites, we unwittingly violate the laws predestined by God. We no longer just eat local and seasonal food but eat much nonlocal and unseasonable food, which brings a hidden harm to our body. Moreover, with the development of science and the appearance of various fertilizers and pesticides, vegetables, fruits, and grains almost all contain poisons; this is why our lives are better but health is worse. As people say, “A side water and soil raises a side people.” This means the native food is most suitable for the local people. It is the law determined by God and also the wondrous deed of God. Once we violate the law, our body will be harmed, suffering chemical imbalance, poor blood circulation, and so on, and we’ll feel unwell. Moreover, as the harm is hidden and difficult to be discovered by us and medical examination, we suffer it without knowing it, resulting in our health becoming worse and worse. As time passes, when the harm accumulates to a certain degree, our body will be sick. From this we can see that though our appetites have been satisfied, it is actually a harm, rather than a blessing, to our body. What science brings to us is not true happiness but the destruction of our survival environment, the overwhelming disaster.

We blindly advocate science, but what science brings to us is such serious consequences; I couldn’t help asking: Where will we end up if we continue like this? God’s words say: “if mankind does not follow God, but always follows Satan this way—using knowledge to continually enrich themselves, using science to ceaselessly explore the future of human life, using this kind of method to continue living—are you able to recognize what the natural end of mankind will be? What will be the natural final result? (Ruination.) It will be ruination: approaching ruination one step at a time. Approaching ruination one step at a time! It now looks as though science is a kind of magic potion or slow-acting poison that Satan has prepared for man, so that when you try to discern things you do so in a foggy haze; no matter how hard you look, you cannot see things clearly, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot figure them out. Satan, however, still uses the name of science to whet your appetite and to lead you by the nose, one foot in front of the other, toward the abyss and toward death” (“God Himself, the Unique VI”). From the revelation of God’s words, we can see science is a kind of magic potion or slow-acting poison that Satan has specially prepared to confuse us. On the surface, science seems to have satisfied our material needs and improve the qualities of our living. In reality, it seduces us to betray the laws created by God, causing our body to be unwittingly harmed. Yet we are unware of it, and couldn’t figure out why such tasty food could harm our body. What’s more worrisome is that the hidden harm doesn’t instantly kill us so it’s difficult to be discovered; after a continued period of time, the disease will suddenly occur in our body someday. We all know that smoking is harmful to health, but tobacco companies are still producing cigarettes; what’s more, in order to shirk the responsibility, they place the warning “Smoking is harmful for health” on cigarette containers. If they truly cared about our health, they would stop producing cigarettes. So why tell us smoking is harmful for health while keeping producing them? In fact, this is exactly the treachery and cunning of Satan.

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Such is Satan’s way of speaking and acting: cheating and deceiving, shirking responsibility, and confusing right for wrong and black for white. From the very beginning until now, Satan has been acting contrary to God’s wishes, fighting against God, seducing, deceiving, and corrupting us to make us stray from God and betray God. In the Bible, God commanded Adam: “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat thereof you shall surely die” (Genesis 2:17). But Satan tempted Eve, saying: “You shall not surely die: For God does know that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:4-5). With only one sentence, Satan successfully deceived us, resulting in us betraying God and living in sin. Therefore, if we lack the truth and merely rely on our imagination, we can’t possibly defeat Satan or throw off its temptation, but will only be fooled, corrupted and harmed by it. Just as God’s words reveal: “It’s because mankind lacks the truth and so they are unable to stand up against Satan’s temptation and seduction. Faced with Satan’s evil and its deceit, treachery, and malice, mankind is so ignorant, immature and weak, right? Isn’t this one of the ways Satan corrupts man? (Yes.) Man is unwittingly deceived and tricked, little by little, by Satan’s various methods, because they lack the ability to differentiate between the positive and the negative. They lack this stature, and the ability to triumph over Satan” (“God Himself, the Unique V”).

God’s words are the only weapons with which we triumph in Satan’s temptations. So, facing the deceit and enticement of Satan, only by relying on God’s words can we overcome them. God’s words say: “My words are the forever unchanging truth. I am the supply of life for man and the only guide for mankind. The worth and meaning of My words are not determined by whether they are recognized or accepted by mankind, but by the substance of the words themselves. Even if not a single person on this earth can receive My words, the value of My words and their help to mankind are inestimable by any man” (“You Ought to Consider Your Deeds”). “He knows the meaning of life and death. Moreover, He knows the rules of living for mankind, whom He created. He is the basis for human existence and the Redeemer for mankind to resurrect again” (“The Sighing of the Almighty”). We are created by God, so only if we come before God, receive the nourishment of His words, and understand the truth in His words, as well as use the truth as weapon, can we penetrate Satan’s deception, escape from its control, bondage, and affliction, and return to and live before God. Only by receiving the guidance of God’s words and living according to the survival principles set down by God can we lead a healthier and happier life and achieve a better development.

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