“Blessed Are Those Who Accept God’s New Work” | New Chinese Gospel Song

All who are able to obey the present utterances
of the Holy Spirit are blessed.
It does not matter how they used to be,
or how the Holy Spirit used to work within them.
Ah, ah, those who have gained the latest work are the most blessed,
and those who are unable to follow the latest work today are eliminated.

God wants those who are able to accept the new light,
and He wants those who accept and know His latest work.
A chaste virgin is able to seek the work of the Holy Spirit
and understand the new things, and moreover, able to put aside old conceptions, and obey the work of God today.
Ah, ah, this group of people, who accept the newest work of today,
were predestined by God before the ages, and are the most blessed of people.
Ah, ah, you hear the voice of God directly, and behold the appearance of God,
and so, throughout heaven and earth, and throughout the ages, none have been more blessed than you, this group of people,
none have been more blessed than you, this group of people.

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