Bit by a Deadly Serpent, She Survived Amazingly – God’s Protection

Fang Xia

I am a Christian. I live in a famous tourist resort, a place where the air is fresh and the sight is beautiful with mountains and rivers, and which attracts lots of visitors from home and abroad to come to visit it. We local people enjoy the wonderful scenery and abundant natural resources given by God, having lived peacefully and happily for generation after generation.

Snakes Overrun Villages; People Suffer Harm

In 2010, in order to develop tourism, the Chinese government built three railway tunnels side by side through the mountains and blasted a snake mountain. As a result, the snakes had no place to stay and crept everywhere. All over the mountains and plains were infested with poisonous snakes, for which many villages nearby suffered. Some people were bitten to death, and moreover, innumerable people were struck by snakes. People really suffered heavy casualties. Though our village was over thirty-one miles distant from the snake mountain, still we couldn’t escape this disaster. Villagers were frequently struck or killed by poisonous snakes.

One day in August 2010, when Mr. Zhao, a law enforcement cadre in our village, picked peaches in a peach garden, his leg was bitten by a poisonous snake. Then his son immediately sent him to the hospital which specialized in snake bite. He was in hospital for over half a year and spent more than 30,000 yuan altogether. After leaving the hospital, he developed sequela and couldn’t do the hard work. One day in March 2011, the workshop director of our village factory was spraying insecticide in an apricot garden. When he poured water into a crop sprayer by the riverside, his forefinger of the right hand was bitten by a snake. The snake bite put him in the hospital for over a year and the treatment cost him over 100,000 yuan. But at last his five fingers of the right hand were crippled. Worse of all, he lost his job and was unable to do heavy work. Along with these two persons, there was an old woman. While she began to cook in the kitchen in the morning, a yellow poisonous snake curled up on the side of the cooking-pot. When she reached out for the lid, the snake suddenly made one move, scaring her into throwing away the lid. She slumped down on the ground, limp all over and petrified with terror. Seeing this, her son took her to the hospital right away. However, she didn’t recover after three months of hospital treatment. Eventually she became a vegetable and then died after only a few days. … Such things happened frequently. During that time, there were snakes everywhere in the neighboring villages. Some snakes crept into jars to eat the pickled eggs; some slept on the children’s quilts; some crept in the trees in the yards; some were on or under the beds in the rooms. What’s more, the snakes also crept on the kitchen wares, and even when someone put on clothes to work on the night shift, he mistook a snake for a girdle. … A kind of terror in the atmosphere enveloped many villages. People faced snakes every day and were in a panic.

Struck by a Snake, My Life Is at Stake

At past 8:00 pm on August 5, 2012, just after it was dark, I hurried home from a pear garden. All of a sudden, my right foot was bitten by something and I ached unbearably. I turned and saw a snake which was one-cun[a] thick and one-meter long creeping toward the grass near the roadside. Only then did I realize that I was struck by a poisonous snake. I thought of the people struck by poisonous snakes; the poison expanded inside them and couldn’t be controlled, with the result that scarcely any of them could survive. I thought: I’m in the middle of nowhere and within over 0.3 miles of my home. Even if I run, the poison will possibly expand before I reach home. Maybe nobody will know if I die on the way. What’s to be done about that? After a short while, I got a nasty bump on my heel which was as big as an egg. When I touched my heel, I found my hand was covered in blood. After a few more seconds, my foot and leg thickened and my right foot was so swollen that I couldn’t get into my shoe. I took off my shoe and saw my foot was already extremely swollen. As I trod on the ground, I felt as if I stood on cotton, having no sensation at all. I couldn’t but feel scared, thinking: Perhaps, I shall really die. Even if I can live, my leg will be useless. … At the thought of this, my tears ran down. In that minute, I remembered God and with that I hurried to call out to God, “God! God! I was struck by a poisonous snake. My foot is so swollen that it loses all feeling. Furthermore, I am on the way and don’t know whether I can get home. Now it is dark. What shall I do? God, I am very scared. May You keep my heart.” After prayer, my panic-stricken heart calmed down a little.

Then the word of God came into mind, “The heart and spirit of man are held in the hand of God, and all the life of man is beheld in the eyes of God. Regardless of whether or not you believe this, any and all things, living or dead, will shift, change, renew, and disappear according to God’s thoughts. This is how God rules over all things”.

Do not lose heart in the face of illness, keep seeking and never give up, and God shall shine His light to you. How faithful was Job? Almighty God is an all-powerful physician! To dwell in sickness is to be sick, but to dwell in the spirit is to be well. If you have but one breath, God will not let you die.

The life of the resurrected Christ is within us. We really lack faith in the presence of God, and may God put true faith within us. The word of God is sweet indeed! God’s word is potent medicine! Put to shame the devil and Satan! If we grasp God’s word we will have support and His word will quickly save our hearts!”. Right! My life is in God’s hand. Whether I live or die is controlled by God. By understanding this, I immediately felt brightened within and was no longer worried. I thought of Job; when he was faced with trials from God, he didn’t complain against God but submitted to His orchestration and arrangement and stood testimony for Him. At the same time, Satan was put to shame and didn’t dare to tempt Job any more. Thus God was glorified in Job. While I was thinking about this, I was of greater conviction. I thought: Even if I die, I will stand witness for God like Job and not waste His effort on me. God has bestowed endless grace and blessings upon me for so many years. Meantime, He has provided my life and led me all the way until now with His words. My life is given by God, so whether I live or die is decided by Him.

Tasting God’s Love at the Moment of Life and Death

I didn’t know how long it had been before I walked to the village entrance with difficulty. I was sweating and weak all over. At that time, I heard Doctor Zhao, who worked in our township hospital, talking with others. Then I yelled, “Doctor Zhao. … Doctor Zhao, my foot was bitten by a snake. Can you dab at it with some ointment?” At my words, he and another two people came to me and took me to the nearby supermarket door. On seeing my foot and leg, he said in surprise, “Your leg and foot are so swollen. I’m sorry, I can’t cure it. Better go to a large hospital.” With that, he hurried to find a cord and tied it around my calf in order to prevent the snake poison from spreading. After hearing his words, my heart immediately rose into my throat. I thought: It is too late and I can’t look for a car right now. What should I do? The county hospital is 12.4 miles away and it will take at least half an hour to reach here. Besides, there is no car now. It seems that I am going to die. At that moment, my heart hit rock bottom. By then, a man said to the boy who ran the supermarket, “Hurry up! Let’s take her to the county hospital. Not a minute to lose.” With the words, I felt a ray of hope at once. It was God who aroused the people, matters, and things to save me. Then the boy and others rush around driving me to the county hospital. In the car, the man telephoned my husband my situation and also told him that he needed not go to a bank to withdraw money and that they would advance for me on the treatment expense. Over half an hour later, we got to the county hospital at last. However, the doctor said, “We can’t treat you for there is no serum. Hurry to go to the city hospital specializing in snake bite. Or without the timely emergency treatment, you will die.” My daughter called the city hospital at once and then they immediately drove me there.

After getting to the hospital, the doctor said in amazement, “It’s really a miracle. You are so lucky! Struck by a poisonous snake, one will die within over ten minutes or he can stay alive for half an hour at most. Whereas you unexpectedly are all right and in lively spirits after over two hours and forty minutes.” Hearing the words, I knew well that it was God’s protection, so I thanked God silently. The doctor loosed the cord of my leg and then injected my leg with anesthetic thirty times in succession, so that I quivered with pain. Painful as I felt, my heart was reassured and at peace. I thought about God’s salvation within: God commanded so many people to save me for He heard my prayer. I truly felt that God is with me and protects me all the time.

A Wardmate Dies; My Heart Is in an Upheaval

In the hospital, an old woman in the next bed, who was struck by a poisonous snake, was going to die. I reached the hospital at 23:05 pm and she is at 23:10 pm. Seeing she would pass away, I suddenly became nervous again, thinking, “Will I die like her?” The more I thought, the more I was afraid. I hastily prayed to God within: “God! This old woman beside me is dying. I’m very afraid at the sight of her. I fear that death is to come upon me. God! May You protect my heart so that I am not restricted by the atmosphere of death. I believe my life is in Your hand. Everyone’s life and death are in Your hand and no one can escape. God! May You give me true faith.”
After prayer, it reminded me of a hymn of life experience: “My destiny is in God’s hand, and it’s natural and right to let God manipulate in everything. My duty is to obey God’s arrangements obey God’s arrangements and be faithful to the end. I will drop my intents, and will have no choice about my future and no longer consider it.

“No matter whether God chastises or bestows grace, I’m willing to accept it. I’ve resolved that no matter what my outcome will be, I will obey God’s work unto death without complaints. Since I have followed God today, I’ll be faithful to the end and perform my duty properly to satisfy God’s heart’s desire satisfy, God’s heart’s desire.” (“Submit to All of God’s Orchestrations”). This song calmed down my panic-stricken heart again. That’s right. My everything is controlled by God’s hand. I had tasted God’s love and seen that He arranged the surrounding people, matters and things to save me. I shouldn’t make any demands of God. If I really died, I shouldn’t complain against God; if I could survive, I must testify to God’s deeds and let more people see His salvation to me. I was willing to carry out His will, obey His arrangements and faithfully perform my duty as a member of creation.

Bearing Witness to God’s Deeds After Being out of Danger

The next day, I was off the danger list. Although the swellings of my leg and foot hadn’t been subsided, the snake poison had been contained and I was out of the woods. The doctor suggested that I should stay in the hospital for observation and treatment for at least a month. On hearing that, I thought: A month? Doesn’t it mean that I can’t read God’s words? Moreover, I can’t come into contact with brothers and sisters. No! So I urged the doctor to let me be discharged from hospital. The attending doctor said: “You mustn’t leave the hospital. We must be responsible for patients. Especially your condition is so serious and it will take you at least five or six years to be back to normal. Hence we should even more observe and treat you. The latency of some snake poison is 10 to 20 years. I’m not joking. If we discharge you, once anything happened to you, we are afraid that we can’t answer for the consequences and can’t justify ourselves.” Just then, I knew clearly in my heart: It must be better to go home to read God’s words and have the church life with brothers and sisters than to stay at the hospital, for God has said, “God’s word is potent medicine!” Finally I guaranteed to the doctor that I would take the consequences. Then the doctor had to permit me to leave the hospital.

After my release from the hospital, the villagers knew I came back. They thought others would bring my body back, but unexpectedly, I was alive and in good condition. They said in surprise, “We never expected that you can come back alive and recover so promptly.” During those days, many people visited me every day. Sometime my room was jam-packed, including the old and the young. Even some friends who lived far from my home drove to see me. One of them knew I believed in God. He said with amazement, “I’ve never seen someone like you who is deeply poisoned but out of danger after suffering the snake poison for over two hours. What’s more, you aren’t hospitalized. It’s really a miracle! It looks like that the God you believe in is the true God.” Then I excitedly testified that during the last over two hours from the time when I was struck by a snake to the time when I was in hospital, how I relied on God, and how God protected me and created the miracle of life. When they saw God’s work in me, more than ten people accepted God’s kingdom gospel one after another.


In the days that followed, I read God’s words as I nursed my wound at home. My leg and foot were getting better day by day. Half a year later, I was able to walk properly and got no scar, which even more increased my faith in God. As we know if one is struck by a poisonous snake, he will finish up dead or injured or crippled for life. While I, after leaving the hospital the next day, only took some medicine at home, and eventually I recovered miraculously. From this I experienced God’s wonderful deed once more. Therefore I believe all the more that all is in God’s hands and God is man’s hope and only reliance. At the crucial moment of life and death, without God’s salvation, no one could save us. It is God who has saved me and given me a second life. I offer my thanks and praises to Him in grateful tears. From now on, I only wish to know the authority and miraculous deeds of God in real life and to properly perform my duty of a creature of God to repay His love.

May all the glory be to God!


a. cun: a unit of length, equal to 1/3 decimeter


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