Because of Believing in Almighty God I Became an Exception at School


My name is Dandan and I am 24 years old. Since I was young, I had been one of the top students in my class. However, I always got too nervous and had problems when taking big exams. Sometimes, I would go to the restroom more than 10 times just within the last hour before the exam, and my face turned all red with my neck swollen before the exam came to an end. Because of that I often shed tears secretly. My parents took me to seek treatment here and there, but all was in vain. Later, my mother accepted Almighty God’s salvation in the last days. Then she preached the gospel to me and taught me how to pray and how to rely on God when I was faced with problems. On the day of the college entrance exam, I was so nervous and wanted to go to the restroom just as I took my seat in the examination room. I spoke to Almighty God what was in my heart, “O the only true God who created the heavens and earth and all things! I’m very nervous and painful at the moment. May You calm down my heart and make me nervous no more so that I can do my best.” Unexpectedly, a miraculous thing happened: I felt the peace in my heart that I had never felt before, and it was not until the end of the exam that I wanted to go to the restroom. I thanked and praised God from the bottom of my heart. Two months later, I received the college acceptance letter, and my family were very excited at that. During that summer vacation, my mother read God’s word to me whenever she was free, and I also read God’s word for myself. Gradually, I understood God’s eager will to save mankind.

Later, I went to study in another place. Faced with the comparison among classmates and social trends, I was also deeply involved in it unconsciously. Because I didn’t contact the local church, I could neither read God’s word nor attend meeting. At that time, I felt very empty and miserable but I could only often pray to God. At last, the brothers and sisters of the local church got in touch with me after the Chinese New Year of 2012, and thus I got the book of God’s word and lived the church life again! When brothers and sisters gathered together, we all spoke our mind freely, and I felt very enriched and delighted. We were not a family but we were as close as a family! Since I saw all of my classmates were struggling in their empty and depraved life, I wanted to preach God’s gospel of the last days to them. However, I lacked knowledge and truth, so I asked sisters in the church to preach the gospel to them. One night in April 2013, I invited two sisters in the church to testify God’s work in the last days. My roommates welcomed us with a smiling face when we entered in. At the beginning, we chatted about our study and life, and we talked very congenially. One of my roommates, as her grandma was a believer in Jesus, went to church from her childhood with her grandma, and thus she was more interested in the Bible. Therefore, we talked about some stories in the Bible, such as Noah building the ark, the burning of Sodom, the people of Nineveh repenting in sackcloth and ashes, and so on. And we also testified the three stages of God’s work and read God’s word “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind.” She was fascinated, and said gladly, “The words are so great! Could you borrow this book to me?” Then we borrowed one to her. Another two roommates also showed great interest and they asked some questions as well. However, as it was too late so we decided to talk two days later. After we went out of the dormitory, sisters and I kept praising God excitedly. A sister said, “It is true that God’s sheep hear God’s voice!”

Just when I happily planned to ask my several classmates to listen to God’s gospel of the last days, an unexpected thing happened. The counselor of our department, teacher Yan, asked me to talk with him. As soon as I entered his office, he “warmly” inquired of me my thesis writing, my family, the dormitory environment, and so on. I thought he cared about whether we could live in harmony with each other, so I told him the information of every person. After coming out of the office, I felt puzzled in my heart: Teacher Yan is strange today, for he was never concerned for me like this before. When I came back to the dormitory, I felt the atmosphere was a bit odd as well. My roommates all stared at me and asked me, “Did teacher Yan ask you to go to his office?” I replied, “Yes, teacher Yan inquired my thesis. What’s wrong?” They said, “Teacher Yan spoke to us alone. And he asked us who the two girls you brought to our dormitory that night are, and what they did and said.” At that moment, I realized that what the teacher did was aimed at our believing in God and spreading the gospel. I thought: How did the teacher know that some persons had come to our dormitory? At ordinary times, the gate of dormitory was wide open and the dormitory had been burglarized many times, but no one cared about that. Besides, there were students engaging in fights, going to the internet cafe, and having a love affair, but no one cared. However, why was he so sensitive to the believers in God? And he even questioned those who listened to the gospel. He really racked his brains. For the moment, I felt that I was living in a horrible environment without any freedom. Just as Almighty God says, “Today, God has returned to the world to do His work. His first stop is the grand assemblage of dictatorial rulers: China, the strong bastion of atheism. He has conquered a group of people by His wisdom and power. During the period, He is hunted by China’s ruling party in every means and subjected to great suffering, with no place to rest His head and unable to find a shelter.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) I realized that was a battle in the spiritual world. Where there is the spreading of God’s gospel, there is the disturbance of Satan. Satan is the enemy of God. How could it be willing to let the people fooled by it accept the salvation of God? Then I prayed to God at once, “Dear God, the environment comes upon me out of Your permission. It is the time for You to test me. The teacher will certainly not let me off. May You give me faith to stand the testimony before the temptation of Satan!”


Just as I expected, the next day, teacher Yan called me again and asked me to go to his office. On the way to his office, my heart was “thumping” violently, and I could only pray to God inwardly, “O God! I’m nervous now for I don’t know how much our teacher has known and what the result will be. May You keep my heart to be quiet before You. I would never betray You as a Judas!” When I entered into the office, I felt the atmosphere was very oppressive even though there was only teacher Yan in there. He, with a cold face, asked me to sit down. Before I said anything, he spoke seriously to me with a low tone, “Listen carefully. I’m reading to you the rules of our college and our country’s management system in colleges.” Then I prayed to God while listening, and I thought of Almighty God’s words, “Everything in the whole universe, without exception, is decided by Me. Is there anything that is not in My hand?” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) Thank God for His leading. I calmed down gradually and no longer felt nervous. I knew the environment came upon me that day out of God’s permission. Through the “performance” of teacher, God made me see clearly how the schools under the control of the CCP government resist God. I heard there were two specific rules: All the students at universities and colleges in China must learn Marxist theory, and schools should be run and managed according to materialism and any religious activities should be eliminated…. If teachers including foreign teachers are found spreading religious thoughts in class or on campus, the school has the right to expel or dismiss them. If students take part in religious activities, they must be educated timely; they will be recorded a demerit or expelled in accordance with the seriousness of the case. In severe cases, one cannot get graduation certificate and bachelor’s degree diploma.” Hearing that, I was seething with anger. The so-called policy that “citizens have the freedom of religious belief” in the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China is just rhetoric to the public, and is a lie that deceives the people of the world. Yet internally it should have such secret documents to restrain the personal freedom. It is really beyond belief! Not until then did I know that the CCP government not only uses materialism to devour man’s soul ideologically so as to make man deny God’s existence in their heart and hold on to evolutionism to resist God, but also adopts political means to restrict teachers and students who have religious belief, even not excepting foreign teachers. As Almighty God says, “It long ago planted the seed of the tumor of ‘atheism’ within the young heart of man, teaching man fallacies such as ‘learn of science and technology, realize the Four Modernizations, there is no God in the world.’ Not only that, it repeatedly proclaimed, ‘Let us build a beautiful homeland through our industrious labor,’ asking all to be prepared from childhood to serve their country. Man was unconsciously brought before it, and it unhesitatingly took the credit (referring to God holding all of mankind in His hands). Never once did it feel ashamed or have a sense of shame. Moreover, it shamelessly captured God’s people into its house, while it ‘leaped’ like a mouse onto the table and had man worship it as ‘God.’ Such a villainous fugitive it is!” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) It was through that experience that I had a little understanding of God’s word. There is no fault in the disclosure. People who live in China, an atheistic country, are forced to receive the education of “atheism,” “evolutionism,” and “materialism.” They never know there is God, much less do they believe God’s sovereignty. Most of them take a disregarding attitude when God’s gospel comes upon them, and they’re still unwilling to receive God’s salvation even if they have seen God’s deeds. They still believe Satan’s fallacies, and think that they can create a beautiful homeland by their own hands, but they just end up being miserable and exhausted physically and mentally. If the teacher had not leaked the secret, no one would know such management system of the CCP government in the school, and I would still be deceived by it. Seeing God’s wise arrangement, I no longer rejected such an environment, but appreciated God from the bottom of my heart.

Then, the teacher narrowed his eyes as if he were smiling, and asked me, “Tell me, Dandan. Who are the girls? Where do they live? How do you know them? Where do you gather together? …” I prayed to God and did not answer him. And then he threatened me with an insidious smile, “We not only know you brought some persons to the dormitory and preached the gospel, but also know you often go out alone to attend meetings, and we even know the specific time clearly. Don’t think we know nothing. If you continue to preach the gospel at school, then your graduation certificate and bachelor’s degree diploma will be a problem! This year, the Ministry of Education has given an order that there must be five percent of students who can’t receive graduation certificate and bachelor’s degree diploma. I’m just thinking about who shall not receive the certificate. You’d better conduct yourself well!” I was astonished that he could know so much. And he continued, “Don’t care about how I know it. Since I tell you this, I surely have conclusive evidence. You may not know that our country has been paying close attention to the matter of religious belief. It is the responsibility of the National Security Bureau and Party Committee Organization to make sure the citizens have a correct thinking and a clear position in supporting Chinese Communist Party’s one-party dictatorship.” Only then did I know that there were so many eyes staring behind me every day. In order to maintain its dictatorship, the CCP actually has adopted such a contemptible means. It vainly hopes to control over the people under its domain so that man will lose God’s salvation and finally go to hell with it. It is really hateful and terrible! Thinking those severe consequences, I felt a little passive, because my long years of hard study was just for receiving a diploma and then finding a good job. How could I face my parents and relatives if I couldn’t receive graduation certificate? While thinking, tears failed me and flowed down. I immediately prayed to God for leading me and keeping my heart. Then I remembered God’s words, “My people should guard against Satan’s schemes all the time, and guard the gate of My house for me … lest you fall into its trap, when it is too late to regret.” “Do not fear this or that. No matter how many difficulties and dangers there are, you should be stable before Me and not be hindered by anything, letting My will be carried out smoothly. This is your duty. …” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) God’s words gave me faith. I knew that was Satan’s trick, and everything is in God’s sovereignty. Whether I could receive the graduation certificate was determined by God. I shouldn’t fall into Satan’s scheme. Later, God made a way out for me: The teacher did not say anything and just let me go.

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Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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