Being Arrogant Will Harm Yourself

By Xiao’ai

Once, I read a story: There was a doctor who was assigned to a research institute. Thinking of his excellent academic background, he had no regard for others at all.


One day, he went fishing at the pond behind the institute, finding the director and deputy director fishing there. After a while, the director walked straight across the pond to the public toilet opposite. At the sight of this, the doctor simply couldn’t believe his eyes, thinking: How could he walk on water? Could it be that he has Kungfu? A moment afterward, the deputy director went to the opposite side in the same way. The doctor felt very astonished, but he was unwilling to put himself aside and ask them how they did that.

No long after, the doctor had a desire to urinate. He thought to himself: If I take the normal path, it will take me more than ten minutes, yet it’s too far to return to the institute. So why not try their way? Though not knowing how the two directors did that, he felt it shameful to humble himself to ask them, and thought pretentiously: Since they college undergraduates could walk on the water, I, a dignified doctor, could do it as well. Then, he stood up and strode forward, yet plunged into the water.

It turned out that there were two rows of stakes in the pond, but they were unnoticeable because the water lever rose after the rain. The two directors knew the position of the stakes and thus could step on them to cross the pond. However, the doctor neither knew the trick nor asked humbly, so ultimately he harmed himself.

After reading this story, I felt that the doctor was so foolish that he pretended to understand when really he did not; what’s more, he treated his degree as capital, believing that he was better than others, so that even when facing something that he didn’t understand, he refused to lower himself to learn from others. Such a self-righteous and arrogant disposition brought him nothing but failure. As the saying goes, “Modesty helps one go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind.” Although the arrogant people may have some gifts or special skills, if they take gifts or skills to be their capital, and thus look down upon others and refuse to humble themselves, then they’re the ones who will lose out in the end.

Thinking back, when cooperating with my sisters in handling church affairs, I had many bumps along the way because of my arrogant nature …

At that time, I always felt that in all aspects, be it working experience or caliber, I was better than my sisters, so I turned up my nose at them all the time. No matter what difficulties I encountered while fulfilling my duty, I never actively asked them, for I thought: Even I myself don’t understand, how could they? Besides, if I seek their help, I’ll seem worse than them; wouldn’t that be humiliating?


Living in that state, I had absolutely no awareness of the problems in me. That was until the day I read a passage of God’s words: “What revelations will there be of their corrupt disposition? And will they be able to solve their arrogant disposition? They show off their seniority, flaunt how well-qualified they are and talk about their length of service—will this be their state? Will they compete over who’s believed in God the longest? Will they talk about who has the higher status…. And what is the level of this seniority based on? Is it based on how many years you’ve been performing this duty? In addition, is it based on how much experience you’ve accrued from performing this duty? Slowly but surely, will you start judging people according to their seniority? (Yes.) … See how when people don’t have any capital, they’re aware that they should be careful not to make any mistakes; with a little seniority, they become full of themselves—and when they become full of themselves, they face a problem. And what is the problem they face? Do you know? (Arrogance, self-righteousness, disdain for others, disdain for God.) When they become full of themselves, they’re in trouble, that’s for sure” (“Only If You Live Before God at All Times Can You Walk the Path of Salvation”). After reading this passage, I felt as if God was exposing me face to face. I thought that I, who had worked for a long time and had good inherent qualities, possessed more capital than my sisters. As a result, I looked down on them, and always acted arrogantly with a holier-than-thou attitude. Even when encountering troubles in the work, I never humbled myself to seek or consult with them. Weren’t my actions the same as the doctor’s in the story? The Bible says, “Yes, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble” (1 Peter 5:5). It is evident that God detests our arrogant disposition, and hopes that we can lower ourselves, seek the truth humbly, and no longer treat our special skills or gifts as capital. The arrogant disposition I have lived out is so disgusting to God.

When seeing my living out was detestable and disgusting to God, deep in my heart I felt painful and sad, yet I had nowhere to turn. For a moment, I fell into confusion.

Afterward, I read these words of God: “The corrupt disposition of man is nothing more than those things, the worst of which is man’s arrogant disposition, and the remainder of which little things are some ideas and thoughts, some little personality traits, a slight propensity to seek attention, self-righteousness, deception, being unyielding toward others, and also doing some things without principle. The main one of these is the arrogant disposition. The arrogant disposition is the root of man’s corrupt disposition. How severe is this problem? Not only do people with arrogant dispositions have no place in their haughty hearts for other people, but, worst of all, they have no place in their hearts for God. Even though people follow God, they do not treat God as God. This is the essence and root of the arrogant disposition, and it comes from Satan, so it must be resolved. Feeling one is above all other people is a small matter. The critical thing is that one’s arrogant disposition causes him not to submit to God and makes him not want to submit to God’s dominion and plan. Such a one does not have a God-revering heart in the slightest, to say nothing of loving God, being considerate of His will, or satisfying it. Such a one does not have a God-revering heart in the slightest. If a person wants to achieve having a heart that reveres God, then he must first resolve the arrogant disposition. The more deeply you resolve your arrogant disposition, the more your heart will revere God, and only such is a real person” (“A Person Can Live Life With Dignity Only by Submitting to and Revering God”). From these words we can see: Resolving the arrogant disposition is crucial to believing in God. For the arrogant nature is the root of our corrupt disposition; if we don’t focus on changing, we will have no place in our hearts for God. The Bible says, “And he shall save the humble person” (Job 22:29). If we want to attain reverence for God, we must first resolve our arrogant nature. The more deeply we resolve the arrogant disposition, the more we are able to gain God’s approval, and we will inevitably receive God’s salvation and blessings.

From then on, when working with my sisters, I began to train in humbling myself; when having difficulties, I would put myself aside to communicate with them, and we could learn from each other. When doing in this way, I found that they had many strengths, which were not possessed by me, worthwhile to learn. Meanwhile, I discovered that I had many flaws and deficiencies as well, and that I was no better than them. Gradually, I realized that the more I practiced this way, the more I felt relaxed, and the deeper and clearer my knowledge of the arrogant disposition. Moreover, I appreciated that the arrogant disposition is extremely ugly, which is not only hated by God but also disliked by people, and that living by it does much more harm than good to my life.

After experiencing these, I made up my mind that I would read God’s words more, correctly treat all people, events, things, and environments arranged by God, completely resolve and change my arrogant nature by relying on God, and live as a true human being.

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