Faith in God | Short Film “Awakening in the Adversity of Persecution”

At the age of eight, he became a young Christian of the Church of Almighty God because of God’s predestination and choosing. He grew up happily bathed in God’s love. … As time went by, he understood more and more truths and began to practice performing duty as a created being with other brothers and sisters.
Unexpectedly, he was illegally arrested by the Chinese government on his way home from preaching the gospel on March 5, 2009. He was only a minor of 17, but the brutal policemen beat him cruelly and jabbed his chin, hands, and private parts with the electric baton, and they incited the prisoners to torment him…. These facts made him see clearly that the police were actually a gang of ruthless beasts. In the devils’ den, God’s word inspired and guided him. So he had great faith and strength and was resolved to stand testimony for God despite all sufferings. One year life in the dark prison made him more mature in life and turned him from a naive and ignorant child into a good soldier of Christ, who could comfort and care for God’s heart.

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