An Imperfect Present From Mom

The boy in the film was staring at the screen and playing video games in the living room. When his mother went back home, she sent a lovely dog to him. At first, the boy was very happy to see the dog. But suddenly he found the dog’s left leg has been amputated, he immediately felt very disgusted with this disabled dog and threw it on the floor.

However, because the dog continuously played up to the boy, his heart gradually softened. … Then the dog’s sincerity and indomitableness moved the boy, and finally he decided to go out to play with the dog. Only then did we suddenly understand: this boy’s addiction to the Internet, his hatred of the disabled dog and his final transformation are all because—this boy also lost his leg.

In real life, each of us has our own “imperfection”. What we need to do is to accept and face it. Just as the boy in this film, when he found even the dog could strive to stand up from failure and actively achieve its goal, he finally understood: what he needed to face was to accept himself. Just as God’s word says, “Sometimes people will see an insect, one which is very ugly, and they will say, ‘That insect is so horrible, there’s no way such an ugly thing could have been made by God—there’s no way He would create something so ugly.’ What a foolish view! What they should say is, ‘Though this insect is so ugly, it was made by God, and so it must have its own unique purpose.’ In the thoughts of God, He intended to give each and every appearance, and all sorts of functions and uses, to the various living things He created, and so none of the things God made were cut from the same mold. From their exterior to their internal composition, from their living habits to the location that they occupy—each is different. Cows have the appearance of cows, donkeys have the appearance of donkeys, deer have the appearance of deer, and elephants have the appearance of elephants. Can you say which is the best looking, and which is the ugliest? Can you say which is the most useful, and the existence of which is the least necessary? Some people like the way elephants look, but no one uses elephants to plant fields; some people like the way lions and tigers look, for their appearance is the most impressive amongst all things, but can you keep them as pets? In short, when it comes to all things, man should defer to the authority of the Creator, which is to say, defer to the order appointed by the Creator to all things; this is the wisest attitude. Only an attitude of searching for, and obedience to, the original intentions of the Creator is the true acceptance and certainty of the authority of the Creator. It is good with God, so what reason does man have to find fault?



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