God’s Love Never Fails | Short Film “God Is My Reliance”

She was born into a Christian family. By God’s grace, her family loved each other and lived in harmony, and she felt very happy. However, in the year she turned 15, in order to escape being arrested and persecuted by the CCP government, her family was forced to scatter to different places and she. She stayed with their relatives. In 2002, through reading God’s word, she was certain that Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus and accepted God’s end-time work. In 2008, she was arrested by the CCP government and was sentenced to two years in prison. Under the long time During the long period of overwork and being tortured and humiliated with different means in the women’s labor camp, she, unable to bear all this, tasted the selflessness and greatness of God’s love. God’s word made her weak heart become strong. …

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  • Chloe

    God’s love is so practical! When we don’t know what should do, just call God. God will always listen and lead to those who truly rely on God. What a moving and warm testimony!

  • Vanessa Lu

    Every follower of Almighty God has an unique experience during the journey of pursuing God. Though the sister has suffered a lot for righteousness’ sake, her faith has bore examination and experienced God’s amazing deed on her. Especially at that moment her life was threatened again, she could rely on God earnestly to overcome her inner fears. Once one believes firmly that man’s life is under God’s domination, God’s wonderful deeds could surely be seen! God’s power transcends the heavens. Despite the fact that I haven’t had such a miraculous experience like hers, her experience has really strengthened my resolution to stand testimony for God!

  • Bobbie

    I particularly like this persecuted film as the heroine believed in ‪‎Jesus‬ since she was young which is same as me. However, what she suffered is far more than me, because she was in Mainland ‪China‬. God has given me a very peaceful environment to believe in Him freely. I do need to treasure it and read God’s word and perform duty as hard as I can!

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