A Very Serious Problem: Betrayal (1)

My work is about to be complete. The many years we have spent together have become unbearable memories of the past. I have continued to repeat My words and have not stopped progressing My new work. Of course, My advice is always included in each piece of work I do. Without My counsel, you will all go astray and be even more at a loss. My work is now about to finish and come to an end, and I still want to do some advice-type work, that is, to offer some words of advice for you to listen to. I only hope you will not waste My painstaking efforts and moreover can understand all the care and thought I have expended, treating My words as the foundation of how you behave as a human being. Whether it be words you are willing to listen to or not willing to listen to, whether it be words you enjoy accepting or accept uncomfortably, you must take them seriously. Otherwise, your casual and unconcerned dispositions and demeanors will make Me very upset and moreover make Me disgusted. I very much hope that all of you can read My words over and over again thousands of times and even know them off by heart. That way, you won’t fail My expectations of you. However, none of you are living like this now. To the contrary, all of you are immersed in a dissipated life of eating and drinking and none of you use My words to enrich your hearts and souls. This is the reason why I have concluded that mankind’s true face is one that will always betray Me and no one can be absolutely faithful to My words.

Man has been so corrupted by Satan that he no longer has the appearance of man.” The vast majority of people now have a slight recognition of this phrase. It is so said because the “recognition” here is just acknowledging on the surface as opposed to true knowledge. As none of you can accurately evaluate or thoroughly dissect yourselves, you always half-believe, half-doubt My words. But this time I am using facts to explain a most serious problem you have, and that’s “betrayal.” All of you are familiar with the word “betrayal” because most people have done something to betray others before, such as a husband betraying his wife, a wife betraying her husband, a son betraying his father, a daughter betraying her mother, a slave betraying his master, friends betraying each other, relatives betraying each other, sellers betraying buyers, and so forth. All of these examples have the substance of betrayal. In short, betrayal is a form of behavior in which one breaks a promise, violates moral principles, or goes against human ethics, and which demonstrates a loss of humanity. As a human being, no matter if you remember you have ever done something to betray another or if you have already betrayed others many times, generally speaking, if you are born in this world then you have done something to betray the truth. If you can betray your parents or friends then you can betray others, and moreover you can betray Me and do things I despise. In other words, betrayal is not just a form of immoral behavior on the surface, but something that conflicts with the truth. This thing is precisely the source of mankind’s resistance and disobedience toward Me. This is why I have summarized the following statement: Betrayal is man’s nature. This nature is the natural enemy to each person being compatible with Me.

Behavior that cannot absolutely obey Me is betrayal. Behavior that cannot be loyal to Me is betrayal. Cheating Me and using lies to deceive Me is betrayal. Being full of conceptions and spreading them everywhere is betrayal. Not protecting My testimonies and interests is betrayal. Faking a smile when you have left Me in your heart is betrayal. This is behavior that all of you are persistently capable and is also commonplace among you. None of you may think that’s a problem, but that’s not what I think. I cannot treat betraying Me as a trifling matter, and moreover I cannot ignore it. I am working among you now and yet you can still be like this. If one day there is no one there to care about and supervise you, won’t you all become kings of the hill?[a] By then, who will clean up the mess after you when you cause a huge catastrophe? You might think that some acts of betrayal are just an occasional thing rather than persistent behavior, and should not be raised so solemnly to make you lose face. If you really believe that, then you are too insensible. The more one thinks this way, the more they are an archetype of rebellion. Man’s nature is their life, a form of principle man relies on to survive. Man is unable to change it. Just like a nature of betrayal—if you can do something to betray a relative or friend, then this proves that it is part of your life and the nature that you were born with. This is something nobody can deny. For example, if a person likes to steal other people’s things, then this “like to steal” is a part of their life. It’s just that sometimes they steal, and other times they don’t steal. Regardless of whether they steal or not, it cannot prove that their stealing is just a type of behavior. Rather, it proves that their stealing is a part of their life, that is, their nature. Some people will ask: Since it is their nature, then why do they sometimes see good things but don’t steal it? The answer is very simple. There are many reasons why they don’t steal, such as if the item is too big for them to take away under watchful eyes, or there is no suitable time to act, or the item is too expensive, guarded too tightly, or they’re not particularly interested in such a good item, or they haven’t yet thought of a use for the item, and so forth. All of these reasons are possible. But no matter what, whether they steal it or not, this cannot prove that this thought only flashes inside them momentarily. Conversely, this is a part of their nature that is hard to renew. Such a person is not satisfied with stealing just once, but thoughts of taking others’ things as their own are activated whenever they encounter something good or a suitable situation. That is why I say that this thought is not picked up every now and then, but comes from this person’s own nature.

Anyone can use their own words and actions to represent their true face. This true face is of course their nature. If you are someone who talks in a very crooked way, then your nature is crooked. If your nature is very cunning, then the way you do things is very slick and sly, and you make it very easy for people to be tricked by you. If your nature is very sinister, your words might be pleasant to listen to, but your actions cannot cover up your sinister measures. If your nature is very lazy, then everything you say is all aimed at shirking blame and responsibility for your perfunctoriness and laziness, and your actions will be very slow and very perfunctory, and very good at covering up the truth. If your nature is very empathetic, then your words will be very reasonable and your actions will also very much conform with the truth. If your nature is very loyal, then your words must be very sincere and the way you do things is down to earth, without much to make your master distrust you. If your nature is very lustful or greedy for money, then your heart will often be filled by these things and you will unwittingly do some deviant, immoral things that will make it hard for people to forget and moreover make them feel disgusted. As I said, if you have a nature of betrayal then you can hardly extricate yourself from it. Don’t trust to luck that you don’t have a betraying nature because you haven’t done anything to wrong someone. If that’s what you think then you are too revolting. The words I have spoken each time are targeted at all people, not just one person or a type of person. Just because you have not betrayed Me on one thing does not prove that you cannot betray Me on all things. Some people lose their confidence in seeking the truth during marriage setbacks. Some people lose their obligation to be loyal to Me during a family breakdown. Some people abandon Me for the sake of seeking a moment of joy and excitement. Some people would rather fall in a dark ravine than live in the light to gain the delight of the work of the Holy Spirit. Some people ignore the advice of friends for the sake of satisfying their lust for wealth and even now cannot realize their mistakes and turn around. Some people only live temporarily under My name in order to receive My protection, while others only devote a little because they cling to life and fear death. Aren’t these and other immoral and moreover undignified actions behavior in which people have long betrayed Me deep in their hearts? Of course, I know people’s betrayal was not planned in advance, but a natural revelation of their nature. Nobody wants to betray Me, and moreover nobody is happy because they have done something to betray Me. Oppositely, they are trembling with fear, right? So are you thinking about how you can redeem these betrayals, and how you can change the current situation?


a. A Chinese saying, the literal meaning of which is “bandits that occupy the mountains and declare themselves as kings.”

from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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