Pupils Are Forced to Confess to Parents’ Belief in Almighty God

Recently, in an elementary school in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province of China, in order to force the pupils at the age of eight or nine to tell whether their parents believe in Almighty God, the headmaster and teachers, not only in person but also by using upper grade students as goons, threaten them, beat their hands and shock them. This brings great panic to the pupils and their bodies suffer varying degrees of harm.

On January 1, 2018, a teacher of this school sent a message through QQ: “Believing in Almighty God must be put a stop to…. Let’s make a concerted effort to turn China into an atheist state and strive for our great cause of thousands of years. If you believe in God, the CCP will be your enemy….”


In February 2018, the head teacher Yang E (anonym, female, aged over 20, 1.5 metres) of the pupil Li Nuo (anonym, male, aged 9) read Article 36 of the Constitution of China in class: “Citizens of the People’s Republic of China enjoy freedom of religious belief”; “No state organ, public organization or individual may compel citizens to believe in, or not to believe in, any religion; nor may they discriminate against citizens who believe in, or do not believe in, any religion.” After reading that, she inquired: “Is there anyone in your family who believes in God?” The pupils all answered: “No.”

In early March, Yang E asked Li Nuo: “Is there anyone who believes in Almighty God in your family?” After he said “no,” she was shamed into anger, pinching his face for ten minutes, so that his face bled, on which a fingerprint was left.

On March 10, during the midday rest, Li Nuo was called by the headmaster to his office and was questioned: “Where is your mother?” He replied: “My mum does business in another place. My sister and I are at home but my mum isn’t.” Because Li Nuo’s answer was not after his will, the headmaster beat Li Nuo’s hands hard with a steel tube. His hands were beaten black and ached bitterly. Five minutes later, the headmaster saw he was unable to get anything from Li Nuo and then let him return to his classroom. As far as Li Nuo can recall, other students also suffered the same misfortune.

On March 19, during the lunch break, the headmaster instructed Yang E to take all the students in her class to a small dark room one by one, and questioned them whether their parents believed in Almighty God. With no result, flustered and exasperated, the headmaster made two students in senior grades beat these pupils’ butts with wooden sticks and interrogate them in the meantime. Hearing Li Nuo say he didn’t know, one student beat his butts and the other beat his hands. As a result, his hands got black and were numb when he did homework. Moreover, the two students hit Li Nuo’s legs with steel tubes, resulting in a small piece of flesh being removed from his leg by the steel tube edges. Until now, he still feels pain when walking. Any other students were not spared.

During the noon break on March 21, the headmaster again instructed Yang E to take the students in groups to the small dark room and interrogated them. During the interrogation, seeing they did not tell, the headmaster ordered: “If they don’t speak, beat them with force! This time we question vainly, but we must get to the bottom of this thing next time.” Li Nuo said they hit his head with a pen over twenty times, leaving a swelling on his head. Now though the swelling has disappeared, he still aches when the place that hurt is touched.

During the noon break on March 22, the pupils were questioned the same way. If they didn’t tell, they would be beaten on the hands with steel tubes. The headmaster threatened: “If you still don’t tell, I’ll shock you with an electric shocking pen.” As Li Nuo still didn’t tell, the headmaster ordered the two students in senior grades to jab his body with an electric pen. Seeing that he did not respond to the shocks, then they shocked his hands five times. At that time, his hands ached and were numb. Then one of the students cried out due to the shocks, but the headmaster sinisterly said: “This time our effort isn’t in vain. Beat him hard! Next time we’ll continue interrogating the students in the fifth grade.” In addition, one student’s hands were so badly shocked that his palm split along the lines and bled.

On March 23, in the first lesson, Yang E took seven or eight pupils including Li Nuo, who needed to be questioned again, to the small dark room. The headmaster, head teacher, dean of students, Chinese teacher, and so on, which totaled over 20 people, were all at present. They did not gain any information that they wanted from Li Nuo and other several students. The headmaster ordered the students in senior grades to force them to confess by means of pinching their faces, tweaking their ears, shocking their hands, and even shocking them with the electric pen after spreading a wet towel on the students’ shoulders and then putting an iron sheet on the wet towel. While they were being shocked, the headmaster and other several leaders of the school questioned: “Anyone who believes in God in your family?” Two students were so afraid that they cried out, “No.” Then they fainted by the reason of the shocks. Seeing that, the headmaster stopped the interrogation and made the two sent to the infirmary of the school with a stretcher. The two students still fainted when the school was about to let out at 11 a.m.

After school, a parent went to pick up her child but failed to see him after a long time. The parent hurried to the infirmary. Seeing her unconscious child, the parent questioned the headmaster: “Why do you treat my child like this? What mistake did he make?” The headmaster thought nothing of it and said: “We’re investigating something about believing in God.” Hearing that, the parent became indignant, and questioned him: “Why do you treat my child like this?” The headmaster was rendered speechless.

Until now, the headmaster’s interrogation of the pupils continues and the children are still suffering the harm in both body and mind …

Source: Association for the Defense of Human Rights and Religious Freedom

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