4 Principles for Treating Illness

4 Principles for Treating Illness
“How do people who believe in God handle illness? In the Age of Grace people who suffered illness or misfortune prayed to God. God typically cured their illness or blocked their misfortune. But it is different in the Age of Kingdom. In order to change people, to save people from corruption, God typically uses illness and suffering to refine people and to discipline them. Under these circumstances we should learn how to feel out God’s intentions when we pray to Him and examine where we have revealed corruption or offended God. If we cannot understand where we have disobeyed Him, illness and suffering will not be removed. We must learn this lesson well. Only when a person has achieved a certain result will God answer their prayer. This is the principle of God’s work in the Age of Kingdom. So we should be well aware of how we should pray to God when faced with illness and what lessons we should learn. But we can take medicine while we are ill. This is proper, a question of individual choice and acceptance, and God’s house has no rules about this. When we are sick we can see physicians and take medicine, and still more we can pray to God and rely on our faith. Some illnesses arise from God’s discipline and pruning, and whether these illnesses take a turn for the better is in God’s hands. When we become ill, learning to feel out God’s intentions and learning our lesson well are most important, but do not forget the principle that you can go to be treated with medicine, and to delay medical treatment is a mistake.”

from “Supplementary Discussion of ‘Correct Pursuit and Practicing Principles Concerning Belief in God’” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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