The 10 Principles to Conform With Saintly Decency

The 10 Principles to Conform With Saintly Decency

1. Conduct spiritual formation in the morning by pray-reading God’s word for around half an hour.
2. Search for God’s intentions in all things every day to help practice the truth with more accuracy.
3. Communicate with all you come in contact with, learning from each other to both progress.
4. Have an optimistic attitude toward life, and often sing hymns and praises and give thanks for God’s grace.
5. Don’t be entangled by the secular world; get closer to God in your heart regularly and don’t meddle.
6. Keep wisdom in your heart and stay away from evil and dangerous places.
7. Don’t argue with people, communicate the truth, and get along with others.
8. Be willing to do all you can to assist others, alleviate their concerns, and help them resolve their difficulties in the entry of belief in God.
9. Learn how to obey people, don’t rule over people and don’t force them; let people gain benefits in all things.
10.Often worship God in your heart, letting Him be the Lord and satisfying Him in everything.

In Believing in God, You Should Establish a Normal Relationship With God
Why does one have to pray, have meetings, and read God’s words while believing in God so as to receive a new life?

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